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FFWPU USA: This past year True Mother placed great emphasis on the leadership education of our youth, referring to programs such as Generation Peace Academy (GPA) and the Collegiate Association for the Research of Principles (CARP) as viable options. As 2015 approaches and many families are setting plans for the New Year ahead, Dr. Ki Hoon Kim, continental chair of FFWPU USA, encourages our families to consider CARP Las Vegas as an expression that resonates with True Mother’s heart and vision.

To give our families a better understanding of what the youth in our community have to gain from participating in the Las Vegas CARP chapter, three Unificationist-born young adults who are full-time CARP Las Vegas members have shared their experiences on GPA and CARP and how witnessing has helped transform their life of faith into a life of intentional pursuit to learn to love like God. For them, seeing their peers at school or meeting a stranger on the street is another opportunity to gain a new brother and sister by showing how we all share the same Heavenly Parent. Their active pursuit to see others from God’s eyes and then be God’s conduit of love for His and Her children has transformed the way these three young people live their lives.


Testimonies from Las Vegas CARP members

NINA JESPER: Last year I attended Generation Peace Academy. Through GPA I was able to learn what a life of faith was and work on my relationship with Heavenly Parent— I felt things could become real to me.

Going to college and working for CARP are helping me take the next step in my life of faith: that is, taking my life of faith and merging it with everyday life. I would say that whereas GPA training helped me to establish my Foundation of Faith, my life with CARP is helping me more with the Foundation of Substance.

In the beginning I had a hard time seeing how Divine Principle applied to situations in my life as a college student. Then I started teaching the Principle to my guests, who could see the value of the Principle that I had never realized before. Also I started looking at the Divine Principle from the viewpoint of a person who was studying it for the first time. Then so many questions started coming up in my mind, and it made me want to study the Principle and True Parents’ teachings more. Finding the answers to my questions and just the act of seeking have helped me to deepen my conviction.

Now I feel I am more motivated to show people how powerful the Principle is in every aspect of life, including school. I am grateful I can live with people at the CARP House who are also dedicated to their life of faith. There is so much power in people coming together for a higher purpose. I’m glad I came to CARP for all the experiences I’ve gained and friends I’ve made. Read More

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