14-Day Witnessing Leadership Program

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Details on transforming Las Vegas into a Mecca of Forgiveness, Love and Unity 


FFWPU USA: Over 35 Unificationists from Korea were invited personally by True Mother to come to Las Vegas to participate in a 14-day witnessing leadership program. In the past week True Mother has been personally guiding the team to lead the way in sharing their faith. The team from Korea has been working together closely with Las Vegas Japanese missionaries, local members, and the National Ministry Team. They have recently been joined by thirteen young Americans.  Here Mr. Demian Dunkley, Director of Evangelism for FFWPU USA, explains about the exciting leadership training program in Las Vegas:


True Mother is very closely involved in this witnessing initiative, watching and guiding us every day. It is an amazing opportunity for our American Unification family to support her, and show up to support the Korean and Japanese brothers and sisters. They really have a strong determination to witness, and share True Parent’s love. True Mother has asked each Unificationist to bring at least one spiritual child (or even ten).

Every morning and evening True Mother receives an update on the activities and gives suggestions on how outreach efforts can be improved. She really wants participants to understand True Parents’ heart for the nation and people here. Dr. Ki Hoon Kim, Continental Chair of FFWPU USA, said, “When I share with True Mother the team’s witnessing experiences, she is very sincere and I feel her loving heart towards the brothers and sisters working so hard here. True Mother is very happy to hear that CARP in America and our Unificationist-born youth are coming to join the witnessing team here.”

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