Youth Witnessing in St. Petersburg

FFWPU Russia: Creating an environment previously, a new guest in our center immediately started listening to the lecture. But often, after that people did not come back. To change this practice, we tried to create an environment in which guests could come 2 or 3 times, just to talk and spend time together. When it was possible to build a trusting relationship, we naturally invited the guest to the lecture. This approach has helped many guests receive the DP education.


Deeds are better than words, and even better is doing together

In today’s world, young people are watching bright Internet videos. These are attractive and make a strong emotional impact. So we decided to install a computer in the guest room and show videos based on the Principle, as well as videos of our projects and seminars. In our center, people not only listen to lectures; they are constantly involved in activities. Immediately after some guest comes, he starts receiving information. He fills in the questionnaire and shares about himself.

Lectures and seminars

After a certain guests comes to us several times, we invite him to attend a one-day seminar. We are trying to make our lectures concise and attractive. Still we need to work a lot to improve the quality of the lectures. We wanted every lecturer make his own slides for his lectures and videos. The guests should read and share during the lecture. A guest can first attend a one-day seminar given by one lecturer, and then come again and listen to the same lectures by another lecturer. Judging by comments, the same lectures given by different people give a multisided review of the same material so that attendees could better understand it.

Experience of senior members and teamwork. Elder brothers and sisters took care of our team. Continental Director came twice and gave a lot of love to brothers and sisters. Mrs. Kang came and prayed with the team at the Holy Ground, as well as in the Uprising Square.

Mr. Yu lived with the Russian team a long time and did much to create a cohesive unified spirit, he did fundraising and witnessing together with us. Togo Yoshinori instructed the team every day.

Olga B. came to St. Petersburg to support and help us. Yuri V. and Togu San gave lectures for our guests at the three-day seminar to help them penetrate deeper into the content of the principles and take things with confidence, inspire them to learn more and practice the Devine Principle. Our team included Russian brothers and sisters (the 1st generation) and Cheon Il Guk missionaries (the 2nd generation). We shared experience how to pass the Word of God to our guests and create horizontal environment.

Spiritual conditions  

From the first day on, the missionaries of Cheon Il Guk followed a dense schedule. In the morning, after the Family Pledge, even before the hoondokhwe, they did the condition of 120 bows. Then, after breakfast, followed 3 hours of language learning. Every day except Saturday and Sunday, they went out to street witness. Guests came to us every day. On Saturday we held a one-day seminar. Before the seminar, we did three times the condition of bows, prayer and hoondokhwe.

As a result, 11 guests expressed their desire to attend the DP seminar. 3 of them were not involved on the last day. Comments of the participants were very positive. Messiahship of our True Parents was proclaimed at the last Lecture. All the participants now actively continue our relationship, and most of them go on with their education

Beside 11 participants of the seminar, 6 guests are now receiving the DP education in our center. Within the period, we have welcomed altogether 71 guests. Among them, some people came only 2 or 3 times and haven’t yet heard the Principle. They are going to attend the DP lectures soon…