True Mother Addresses ACLC

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FFWPU USA: True Mother addressed the American Clergy Leadership Conference (ACLC) today at the National Convocation. During her address, True Mother spoke to the ministers about their missions as American religious leaders. She reminded the clergy members about America’s founding vision: how the pilgrims built a church before they did anything else, so people could attend God, and the second thing they built was a school, to educate the future generations. She said that we should remember the values that our founding fathers felt were important, and that America had a beautiful beginning.

As True Mother began to express how much she misses True Father, and his unconditional love for America, a sense of renewed determination fell over the crowd.

Pastor T. L Barrett, and together with ACLC clergy, offered a Pledge of Loyalty and True Love to True Mother. The proclamation read: “We boldly proclaim that as members of the ACLC and representatives of the Second Israel and the Elder Son Nation in unity with Korea as the Father Nation and Japan as the Mother Nation, under the acting leadership and spiritual guidance of True Mother, we will work to rapidly expand and fully realize Cheon Il Guk, the kingdom of God on Earth, in our families, nations, and ultimately to see our Fatherland of Korea united as one.” Read More

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