Testimony: Personal Experience of Cheongpyeong



 London, United Kingdom, 20. November 2014 – Family Large, 6.000 couple


FFWPU UK, by Chris Large: Once again I have heard voices of discontent even opposition to the works going on in Cheongpyeong Heaven and Earth Training Centre. Please allow me to offer my testimony of my personal experience of Cheongpyeong as I have been there for 3 x 40 day workshops and other shorter periods varying from 7 to 10 days long. The last 40 days I attended was from 18th September to 3rd November 2014.

The Bible talks about people being asked to offer the best of their flock as offerings in order to make condition to receive God’s grace and blessing. For them in those times this was the most valuable possession they had in so much that it determined their future wellbeing and prosperity. It used to be the pen is more powerful than the sword, but now its money that speaks more powerfully than ever, even members fret and seem to focus on money and its use or possible miss-use.

I have been to CP and on that 10 day workshop it was worse than Hell on Earth for me in so much that I said even publicly that I would never return there, but have attended a further 2, 40 day workshops since that time. being honest I must express that my difficulty at that time was due to my being unable to deny myself, to go beyond self-concerns. On MFT there were often days so difficult, so hellish, but you learnt to persevere, to overcome and then grace and blessing always comes at some point though you’d never know when.

My blessed couple have completed the liberation and blessing to 210 generations and are slowly doing more. I do not want to get focusing on the money side of things but would like to say, going on holiday just for one week in the UK for example in peak season and staying in a caravan you could pay more than £500, yet to stay in CP for 6 weeks, receiving three meals a day it is less than £400, so what’s the difficulty?

When I arrived at CP and settling in I went to the prayer Hall. I knelt down and closed my eyes to pray. As soon as I did I physically felt others kneeling down so close to me that they were pushing the side of my arms, so I opened my eyes to look at who it was and to ask them why they are sitting so close and to move away, but no one was there. I closed my eyes again and the same experience happened. Opening my eyes the nearest person was at least 6 or 7 meters away from me. Then I came to realize it was my liberated ancestors sitting so close wanting to support and hear my prayers too. This went on for the 1st 2 weeks every time I went to the prayer hall to pray. it really helped both to comfort and encourage me in the efforts I was making.

On previous workshops I had always sat on a chair even during the chanyang yuksa sessions, (Ansoo, clapping act…) but this time i had decided to invest all I had, total investment in the workshop, keeping the schedule, participating fully in all activities, with the determination that this was now my life, not a workshop lasting 40 days, I had gone there to die. This was my conviction. Because I had this mindset, though some days were still a challenge, it was far easier than I was expecting.

It took me over two weeks to stop feeling the pain every moment of sitting and kneeling on the floor for chanyang, and about the same amount of time for sleeping on the wooden floor in sleeping bags without my ribs and legs hurting, so when I went to the dining hall for meals the first thing I expressed every day was, thank you for the comfortable chairs to sit on, and I really meant it.

Due to the workshop schedule being far more relaxed time wise, I had thought for many years that maybe this has reduced the spiritual works taking place as on my previous workshops I had experienced nothing compared to my first 40 days which was so special. However on this last 40 days due to really investing and maintaining the mindset I had, lots went on far more and greater insights into spiritual realities opened up for me.

I could observe two spiritual being within my spiritual self-talking together and their conversation was about leaving this physical body, but they were afraid the other stronger resentful spirit that had invited them into me, that it would be so angry at them if they left. So I spoke to them with the voice of my mind during chanyang saying it’s OK for them to leave which they did.

As my mindset and focus was only on the workshop and keeping the schedule etc… When strong thoughts came to mind for almost 3 days worrying me with the thinking… ‘I can’t go back to the UK because I killed someone’… I stopped myself walking along and thought, I haven’t killed anyone what strange thinking this is, I realized once again that some other spirit, either ancestor or associated spiritual being was with me and need liberation, so during the next chanyang I prayed for this spirits liberation and this thinking left me completely.

Quite often during the chanyang sessions I smelt and very slight scent or perfume similar to lilac. At first I thought maybe this is coming over from the other side of the hall where sisters were sitting also participating in the chanyang sessions, but no matter where I sat it came to my senses, I came to realize it was at these times that Daemo Nim was going around spiritually helping with liberation. One day after Honmo Nim had conveys a message/talk from Daemo Nim and Hyeung Ji Nim in the spiritual world, she was walking away outside of the hall when we began our chanyang session. Suddenly this old lilac scent/perfume came over me so strongly and a very high spiritual atmosphere enveloped me, what I can only term as angelic spiritual world, then one of the ‘staff’ members rushed into the hall, coming straight over to me and began helping with chanyang, even though I was not having any physical difficulty in keeping up with chanyang. It was this experience that revealed to me that this ‘scent’ was coming from DMN in spirit.

On another occasion, again during a chanyang session, around the 4th week into the workshop, I was taken deep down within my spirit self and environment, I can’t explain how, but suddenly there opened up a living scene of the Garden of Eden as it was prior to the Fall and God the heavenly Parent

was quietly expressing…. this is how it was… we think we know the Garden of Eden or what Heaven would be like, but this scene left me awestruck, the magnificence, the holiness and pure beauty, the majesty, no words can express what I saw, even the most heartistically moving film scene that I have ever seen doesn’t come anywhere close, even the air seemed to shimmer like gold, a word like ‘fear’ would never exist or even be thought of in that environment… all I could do is be moved to tears from such a vision, such is the world of Heaven God created for us…. This may have lasted only for a few seconds if that, but even now thinking of it I am moved to tears. This is where our heavenly Father lives, dwells and exists and is working to bring us back to.

On a previous workshop during prayer after chanyang I was standing up while praying in the payer hall and I kept on being pushed from behind on my right side shoulder, but each time I stopped and looked around no one was standing anywhere close to me, this happened several times. As I was leaving and had not said anything to anyone about this a brother came up to me and said, some of your ancestors were pushing you from behind on your right shoulder because they wanted to let you know they were there.

One time ‘thinking of others’ I sent off some money I came into for liberating some of my spouses ancestors, as soon as I had sent this money through the Bank, I got hammered mentally by my own ancestors who were also desperate to be liberated in so much that for 3 days I was unable to sleep. I clearly knew it was my ancestors. I felt so pushed that I went to the Bank and borrowed money and sent of the same money for my own ancestors and immediately my mind became peaceful and I could sleep.

Yes ancestor liberation does and is taking place, as well as other spiritual beings that for whatever reason become stuck or trapped within our spiritual selves our main teaching is to live for the sake of or the well-being of others and Cheongpyeong is an extension of this. On earth we have to make conditions that enable others to come into TP realm, to hear DP, to receive education and be raised up to eventually receive the blessing and live in the realm of God’s governance, but people are also in need of this in the spiritual realm too and we are the only ones having such grace as is being given through Cheongpyeong, please don’t let this pass you by. If you can deny yourself, invest and offer yourself to help your ancestors be liberated you will never loose out for your eternal life which is our purpose, to prepare all we can for that next eternal part of our existence.

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