Syrian Refugee Aid Program in Lebanon

Leb 2

UPF Lebanon, by Hermine Schellen: Since past 2 Years Lebanon had a great influx of Refugee families coming from Syria. This year the estimated number of Refugees is close to 1.2 Mill. in Lebanon, according to UNHCR.

Although the UN, as well as many other organizations like Caritas are trying their best to help those families, who are really totally depending on help for shelter, food, clothing etc.

Due to this very difficult situation the refugees are in, and their great need, UPF Lebanon initiated a special, Aid Program in early June 2014, to join in the efforts of UN and other NGO’s, to help the Refugee Families.

First we have chosen a specific camp that has around 53 Families living in very humble tents. They are not waterproof, that means when there is heavy rain, and the tents get flooded. Further they have no electricity. Also they are in great need of warm cloth, blankets, Medic care.

We are visiting the camp on a regular base, together with Ambassadors of Peace, young Volunteers, as well as Mr. and Mrs. Park.

At first our focus was to register all Families and see firsthand what situation each family is in.

In August we started to give out donations to families we have registered. And beginning from this month we will be giving donations to all the families in the Camp. We hope we can do this on a monthly base. At this point, we are only able to do this thanks to the generous funds we are receiving from UPF International as well as IRFF Germany. We inform the refugees, from where the aid is actually coming. Because we think it’s important to know this, as UPF and IRFF are founded by True Parent’s.

Also in this month for the first time UPF Lebanon could recruit a small medic team, a young doctor (pediatrician and inner medicine) and pharmacist lady that are willing to provide medical aid on a volunteer base, for the refugees.

But as mentioned before, there are so many needs and we are trying to address them one by one.

Together with Mr. Park we are currently also trying to raise funds for the urgently needed electricity for the camp. According to the Manager of the camp, it will cost $3000 to provide electricity for all tents. We could so far raise funds close to $900. Inshallah we can succeed in our endeavors and truly help those families in their very pitiful situation.