Students Learn the Value of the Blessing

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FFWPU USA, Detroit Family Church: Ten high school students in Detroit, Michigan gathered for a Level 1 Blessing Workshop on November 28. The organizers centered their program around PowerPoint presentations provided by the Blessed Family Ministry including, “The Value of the Blessing” by Phillip Schanker, and “Being the Right Person” by John Williams. Through testimonies, Divine Principle Study, activities, and reflections, the students were able to gain valuable insights.

The testimonies from local couples were especially engaging. Zachary and Yuka Rogers, who received the Blessing in 2013, shared their matching process, and Zachary’s parents shared from their perspective. Zachary’s father David advised the young people, “Talk to your parents. Share your heart with them. It’s good practice to share with another person.” Hearing from both the young people and the parents created a rich and meaningful presentation.

The workshop was not all work, however. Participants engaged in games of pictionary during a break, and had fun watching, “The Arranged Marriage Song,” a humorous depiction of a young man being matched in the Indian tradition.

The day concluded with a “DP Trivia” contest, in which each participant received a McDonalds gift certificate, and an essay contest. The essay contest asked the students to write on the topic, “The Value of the Blessing” with the instructions that the best one would win a prize. Several participants wrote that they appreciated the workshop because they felt it was good to take time to be reminded of their value as young Unificationists and of the importance of being Blessed with a partner who has the same spiritual foundation they have.

Certificates for completing the workshop and the prize for the winning essay were presented at Sunday service in front of the congregation. Organizers plan to hold another workshop during the Martin Luther King holiday break in January so more high school students from the community can attend. Read More

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