South London Peace Building

Our house for God: 10 years on South London

United Kingdom, December 6, 2014

FFWPU Europe: It was December 2004, that we took our first steps on a long tumultuous journey; a journey to build a place for God and our local community. We had no idea of the challenges we would face as we set out on this path.
Ten years on, Sunday 6th December 2014 we gathered together to celebrate and rejoice in fellowship of our wonderful accomplishments. There was a buzz among the congregation as the South London band started things off with songs of praise and inspiration. We heard three testimonies from Simon Rosselli, Cecilie Fortune and Tim Read.

After watching a slide show with many memorable moments, Simon took us on the journey from the start, sharing the lows and highs throughout the years. He shared how difficult it was to get a boiler for the peace embassy. Eventually one was donated to us from a kind soul. We felt like God was definitely watching over us, wanting to keep us warm. Yet to his astonishment it was stolen! Simon found himself in a low painful place. Eventually when it came to tell the person who donated the boiler that it was stolen, without a moments hesitation he said he had another one for us.

Cecilie shared how the peace embassy has not only become a home for our church community but for many other local groups. Tim spoke about how without a place of worship, we would just be wandering on a lonely plain. We could celebrate the fact that we have a place for future generations.

Pastor Franklin Fortune expressed that it was a day to say thank to all. It would not have been possible without everyone’s help. The community are the true foundations of our building. We also appreciated Rev An’s congratulations and those who wished to be there. After lunch, we were all entertained by two beautiful songs from our 2nd generation and a Mentalist’s mind-reading abilities. Ten years on, tasty hog roast in our stomachs, we all walk…


Message from European FFWPU President, Rev. Young Shik An


Dear South London Community,

I am sorry that I cannot be personally present to celebrate all your investment of heart and energy which is embodied in the South London Peace Embassy. We are challenged to bring into substance our Heavenly Parent’s and True Parents’ longed-for Kingdom of Cheon Il Guk: during these last ten years your sincerity and devotion have turned love, faith and hope into a place of worship, fellowship and good works,a substantial ‘Temple’which provides not only a ‘Home’ for our faith, but also a means to reach out to all God’s beloved children in the very diverse gathering of humanity which is South London.

As President of the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification here in Europe and representative of our Founders, Father and Mother Moon, I want to express their deep appreciation to you all for your exemplary heart of ownership and practice of true love in resemblance to our beloved Creator and Heavenly Parent.

I wish you all a day of joy and a sense of accomplishment as you celebrate together!

Finally let us remember True Mother’s words of encouragement and guidance at the Seonghwa Ceremony for our beloved True Father, Rev. Sun Myung Moon:

All of us must create a community based on the culture of heart characterized by harmony and unity, with True Parents and the True Family at the center. Each of you, without exception, found the path of God’s will because you were chosen by Heaven, because of the merits of your ancestors and because of your own character. You faced immeasurable persecution in order to follow True Parents until entering this realm of victory today. That makes us all a part of a single family, a community of heart centered on one Parent. Division and conflict continue to afflict the world but the Unification Family can become brothers and sisters who can easily transcend race, national borders, and any other barrier. If you can show an exemplary life of giving and live for the sake of others, this dream will surely come true!