Sex, Health and Happiness by Lena & Christoph Yasutake • Dec. 16 • 9pm (EST)


FFWPU USA:  This month’s Marriage Enrichment Webinar will be presented by Lena & Chirstoph Yasutake on the topic “Sex, Health and Happiness.” Lena & Christoph will focus on education in a fun way that empowers couples to overcome challenges, deepen their spiritual connection, and increase pleasure and orgasm!

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About Lena & Christoph

Lena & Christoph Yasutake  are experienced presenters at Blessing education workshop, Blessed Marriage Project seminars, and six years in Young Couples Ministry. They were Blessed in marriage on April 27, 2002 and currently reside in Bridgeport, Connecticut with their three children, Telani, Kohan and Zyana.

Lena & Christoph enjoy going on dates together, especially while trying out ethnic cuisine at new restaurants, and going to the movies together. They both love Shakespeare, but he loves all the tragedies and she love all the comedies.

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