Seonghwa Ceremony for Lorena Ndreu


A Message from European FFWPU President, Rev. Young Shik An



Dear Lorena,

As the representative of our True Parents in Europe, I want to express their heart of concern and desire to support you as you pass from this physical world at such a young and pure age. It is precious that you already know the meaning of life and the existence of life after physical death. I pray that this Seonghwa Ceremony and the great love of God and True Parents, your Mum and Dad and your younger siblings and relatives, and the warm support of the community of Blessed Families in Poland can assist you in making a smooth transition to your new life in the Spiritual World.

At such times we cannot help but remember our True Parents’ premature loss of their own dear children, one still in his teens. They found a special heart to turn loss into a ‘victory of love’ by offering a pure and beautiful young life for the sake of God and Humanity and expressing their confidence that in God ‘all will turn out to be love’.

Our hearts go out to your parents, Ilir and Malgorzata, and their young family. They have made efforts to live for others and set an example in front of their children and you responded to their investment as a loving daughter, caring elder sister, and talented student.

Ilir and Malgorzata, as you face this present challenge we pray that you can find a special resonance with God and True Parent’s heart and continue to embrace Lorena in your love and protection as you surrender her to join True Father and the community of Blessed Families in the spirit world.

No doubt Lorena will find a place in that World to express her love for God and her fellow human beings in the tradition of True Parents and, at the same time, the memory of her young life will remain as an inspiration to her peers in our Polish community, who will be called to think of the value of each precious child of God and the need to fill every day of life with love and goodness.

As our True Parents teach us: When we are bound together in true love, we can be together forever, continually rejoicing in each others company.

Lorena, you will continue to be connected deeply in heart with your beloved family and community, may their love speed you on your way to Cheon Il Guk, the Kingdom of our Heavenly and True Parents.


Few words about Lori:

FFWPU Europe: She was born on 29.12.2001 in Bydgoszcz. She was healthy. In her early childhood she liked to perform, was always full of self-confidence, she knew she was talented, and it was true. She liked to participate in various additional school activities, but she liked the most art classes. She was sensitive to beauty and able to create beautiful things. At school, she was considered talented artistically. She liked stage performances, and until she was able, she participated in theater classes.

She was very creative, and she had a big heart to share her talents with others. She inspired and introduced ideas through many ways of playing with her younger siblings. She liked to save money, and when she did, she spent it not on herself, but for example for the birthday present for her brother. Giving joy to others was her pleasure. She liked to help and share with her friends, and she was very wise.

At school, she was one of the best students. She had her favorite subjects; she cared less about other, but still wanted to have good grades. Since her early years, she had been very interested in and curious about the world and its laws. She always asked questions about nature, universe and the laws of physics, which she was able to notice in daily life. She wanted to be a scientist and work in laboratory as a chemist in the future.

This year she started to study her favorite subjects, biology, chemistry and IT at a level higher then primary school. Her teacher was surprised with her creativity and her projects were introduced in the class as examples to be followed.

She was very intelligent and thoughtful. Many times she surprised her mother and others with her conclusions. For example, she explained her mother how it is that the moon changes its shape, and made her aware that it is not because the earth covers the sun.

In 2010 Lori started to feel first signs of her illness, that is tiredness, but only in 2011 she was diagnosed with a very rare and terrible disease without a particular cause which can be described as to high blood pressure within the arteries in the lungs. Already then, we knew that it was like a delayed death sentence and she had only 3 years of life left.

Lori was aware of her illness, and despite it she was able to enjoy what she had, and did not complain that she couldn’t run or ride a bike. She loved reading books, baking biscuits, making sushi and advise her mother on different matters, and we must admit, that in most cases she was right.

One day she said, that she did not ask why SHE was ill with such disease and was in such a difficult situation, because if it wasn’t HER than maybe somebody else in the family would be ill, a brother or a sister.

She was incredibly courageous and in the most difficult moments, when she was about to go for the heart operation saving her life, she said bye to her mother, in front of operation room, smiling. This is incredible that, in most difficult times, she was encouraging others with her smile and her wisdom.

Unfortunately, the disease was progressing, and the heart was not able to work properly and Lori had problems with everyday activities. So doctors decided to make another heart and then lungs operations. But tragically, she died next day after this decision was made.

Her heart stopped beating at 1 am on 9th December 2014.