Seonghwa Ceremony Events in Albania

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FFWPU Albania (26th of Nov. – 3rd of Dec. 2014): After long preparations and prayers, centered on Rev. Gi Young Shin’s guidance and inspiration, we decided to organize Seonghwa ceremonies around Albania in order to mobilize the ancestors of our nation and connect them to True Parents providence at this special time in history.

In order to bring victory for such special spiritual ceremonies and prepare ourselves and our ancestors, we hold a 40 day cheongsong devotion period prior to the events asking all brothers and sisters to sincerely invite their ancestors and our nation’s ancestors to work together with us and open the doors for heavenly fortune to come down.

We decided to hold such events by the end of November which is also the month of Independence and Liberation. This year it was the 102nd year of Independence and 70th year of liberation.

We decided to hold the events in 4 location of Albania (Korca – south-east; Vlora – south; Tirana – center of Albania; Shkodra – north) in order to cover all the nation and 1 last event will take place in Kosovo on January 13th 2015.The Songhwa events. We planned to hold 2 separate ceremonies in each city; one internal ceremony with members and key AfP where also we would offer the holy wine for our ancestors and the public event where anybody could attend.

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The internal ceremonies in each city were really great. A very high spiritual presence was felt everywhere and many brothers and sisters had spiritual experiences. And we really felt our ancestors were very grateful and happy for such ceremonies being held for them. Truly the holy wine ceremonies held one night prior to the main event, made the foundation for the great success of the public event.

The first event we did in Korca city. During holy wine ceremony on the evening of 25th of November, brothers and sisters really shed a lot of tears repenting instead of their ancestors and asking Heavenly Parents blessing upon them.

The next day, the main event took place at the main hall of Grand Hotel and 60 people attended including AfP, Local Government Leader, members and guests.

A great blessing and key factor for the success of all the events was the presence of Dr. No Hi Pak and Prof. Lan Young Moon who representing True Parents for Eastern Europe brought True Parents spirit in each city.

The second city we hold the Seonghwa ceremony was Vlora – the city where Albania’s Independence was declared on November 28th 1912. And we held the Songhwa ceremony in Vlora on the Independence Day, 28th of November. The holy wine ceremony we held on 27th in Vlora was even more spiritual; than Korca. Many brothers and sisters had very clear spiritual experiences seeing their ancestors being there and thousands coming to receive holy wine.

The main event on the next day was also a great success. Around 90 people gathered at the hall on “Independence” University and participated in the Seonghwa ceremony. Most of the people expressed after the event that this was one of the best events they attended so far and truly this was because of the presence of spiritual world.

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At the successful events in Korca and Vlora cities, on 30th of November 2014 around 180 people gathered at the main hall of the Albanian National Historic Museum in Tirana to honor Albanian ancestors and offer them the grace of Seonghwa Blessing Ceremony. Many VIPs, Ambassadors for Peace, WFWP members, blessed families, CARP members and their relatives & guests packed the hall.

Among many VIPs and Ambassadors for Peace was also the President of Albania (2002 – 2007) H. E. Alfred Moisiu, the Former Head of Albanian Army Gen. Xhemal Gjunkshi, the famous Albanian actress Mrs. Tinka Kurti & many others.

The event was moderated by the National Leader of Albania Mr. Gani Rroshi. The opening address was given by Mr. Bajram Ibraj – the chairman of UPF Albania. In his address Mr. Ibraj made a very clear and comprehensive explanation of the long and painful history of Albania, pointing out its contributions to the world and its failures and in this way making clear the need for such liberation ceremony.

After a very moving patriotic poetry performed by a national well-known actor, the meaning of the Seonghwa Blessing Ceremony was given in a very clear and understanding way by Dr. No Hi Pak – the Special Emissary of True Parents for Eastern Europe.

After the main address given by Dr. Pak, the reconciliation and unity water ceremony was performed. Seven distinguished people among participants, representing all religions, AfPs and Blessed Families stood in front of all participants with a cup of water each, which was poured into a bigger pot representing in this way that we are all one in front of God, despite the diversity and differences we have.

Then in honor of ancestors a prayer was offered by. Mr. Qazim Selimaj – an Ambassador for Peace representing Islam. The final words and a heartfelt prayer were tearfully given by Prof. Lan Young Moon – the Special Emissary of True

Parents for Eastern Europe. Prof. Moon couldn’t keep her tears while praying for the liberation of Albanian ancestors and God’s blessing for the country of Albania. Everybody was very moved and touched by her sincere and tearful prayer.

The spiritual atmosphere of the whole event was very high and nobody moved from their seats or even talked until the end. It felt like the spirit world was so much present and people were 100% focused.

The event was finalized with a very moving patriotic song sung with a lot of emotions by the famous Albanian tenor Mr. Kastriot Tusha who is also an Ambassador for Peace. (Mr. Tusha has performed several times also in front of True Parents in Korea).

For sure the holy wine ceremony held one day earlier in Tirana community center was a great spiritual healing ceremony and it made already the spiritual foundation for the success of the main event on 30th.

The last event was held in Shkodra city on December 3rd. we did the holy wine ceremony on Dec. 2nd together with Dr. Pak, Prof. Moon and three key AfP in Shkodra who prayed together with us.

The next day, at the main hall of Grand Europa Hotel, over 70 VIPs, AfP, members and guests gathered to honor our ancestors. Also the event in Shkodra was a great success. The local TV also showed on the main news the content of such event being held in Shkodra.

Once again we would like to thank from the depth of our hearts our beloved True Parents of Heaven Earth and Humankind for giving the grace of the Seonghwa Ceremony and also we would like to thank Rev. Shin for praying so hard for Albania and especially we would like to thank Dr. Pak and Prof. Moon who invested all their hearts in conveying True Parents heart to each city, even though the schedule was quite intensive.

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Below are a few reflections from brothers and sisters:

KORCA: “My strong feeling was that this is the most important ceremony and event for Korca and our region. During the last week we did 4 hours cheongsong devotion and the atmosphere has totally changed.”

“During the night I had a vision and saw 4 of my ancestors coming to the center and wanted to enter. At first I didn’t invite them in, but when the center leader came he asked me to lead them to prayer room and happily they went up.”

VLORA: “During the prayer I saw images of countless people coming toward the center looking for solution about something they were struggling. Later I saw people in military marching format with empty cups in their hands up.”

“Suddenly I understood that my ancestors were not Albanians and at that moment the Slavic territory appeared in front of me and I felt strongly the need for liberation and salvation…”

“When I closed my eyes I saw a place full of graves and leafless trees and from there my Grandfather came toward me. He saw me and then went to see every person who was praying and later stayed in a place observing us.”

“During the speech of Dr. Pak I felt True Father was there with us and at one moment I felt True Father was leading spirit world who was there with us.”

TIRANA: “I felt strongly the presence of True Father there and had a kind of relief feeling knowing that ancestors will meet True Father and be guided to a better place in the spirit world.”

“When Prof. Moon was praying a happy face appeared in front of me and afterwards many many happy faces of ancestors appeared in front of me and were smiling at me. For the first time I didn’t feel afraid of seeing spirits.”

“Now that we did finish the Seonghwa Ceremony, I feel quite liberated and relieved myself. It was like a heavy weight being taken away. I just feel like coming back from the war with e victory spirit.”

SHKODRA: “I had a very strong repenting feeling and shed a lot of tears, because I felt I didn’t take very seriously the Seonghwa Ceremony.”

Dr. Pak & Prof. Moon: “We felt strongly the presence of True Father during all the ceremonies and also we felt very much the pain of Albanian ancestors. Definitely the Albanian ancestors are very happy by these Seonghwa events…”

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