Raising the awareness as tribal messiahs, in the age of Blessing mankind


FFWPU Italy, by Giuseppe Cali – Milano, Italy, 22. – 23. November 2014: In Milano church, we held a seminar to support the mission of the tribal messiahs and their family life. The program consisted of lectures and group discussion on the following topics:

  • The course of True Parents and the value of True Mother’s mission in our age.
  • Being a blessed father, being a blessed mother, being a child of filial piety.
  • The Family Pledge as the main pillar of our life and the building of the new world
  • Gender identity disorder
  • Absolute sexuality and the conjugal relationship
  • Home groups and the new way of witnessing

45 members on Saturday and 60 members on Sunday, attended the WS, with full heart and participation. Beside the lectures given by Giuseppe Calì, except for the one about the role of the mother, given by Lorna Russo, the main part was the discussion divided in groups. Some session as couples, some other session divided between husbands and wives. At the end of the day, one entire session was dedicated to share the result of the discussions. All the reports on the discussion groups are being collected now to send to all brothers and sisters in Italy.

In the prayers and the “Tongil” song, we could feel the deep desire for serving the Providence, for unity, for re-determination. “We need to go out from the past doubts and struggles and become proud children of God and True Parents. We want to show them our gratitude by facing our challenges with passion, unity and joy”, this was the conclusion of the seminar, expressed in the final unison prayer. This is not and easy time for our movement in general. All the unsolved challenges of the past are emerging in order for us to solve them and become more mature people of God. Seminars as this one, are really very important to keep our identity as one people centred on True Parents and becoming, step by step a real messianic movement. I’m really grateful to all brothers and sisters that participated, for their hearts and their passionate attendance.

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