Raising and Developing the Human Resources of Albanian WFWP

 WEWP Albania, December 6-7, 2014, Training Center, Tirana, Albania: Albanian Women’s Federation for World Peace organized during the weekend of December 6-7th a staff training workshop, directed mainly for blessed sisters. Each city, where a FFWPU is established managed to send at least one participant and we eventually reached a number of 22 sisters. Many of them were already involved in WFWP, some came to gain new information to possibly initiate WFWP activities in their cities. It was a first workshop of this kind in Albania and came as a result of a need to raise our capacities, inspire activities in the cities where WFWP is not yet present, and create more opportunity for communication and cooperation.

The content was organized to give extensive information about the spiritual and providential meaning of WFWP, based on the words of True Parents, to present activities on the world and local level, and to explain position of WFWP in relation to UN. One session was dedicated to discussing and practicing public speaking skills with the goal of raising our self confidence in front of a public. The program also gave a possibility to all to express ideas about further development and activities through a discussion session. The concerns expressed during brainstorming brought us to a conclusion that we need to work mainly on the field of education, prevention and reconciliation under a motto of “Building a Culture of Peace.”

As a result, the workshop was a chance for all (also those elder ones) to better understand the mission and internal value of WFWP, and consequently to find a new inspiration and determination. The time we spenttogether was a good opportunity to get to know each other (many of us never met before), create a network of communication and spirit of cooperation. At the  same time, we hope that the program has helped everybody to find  inside  of  us  a heart of  a mother, who  always strives to  create an  environment and  spirit of  unity and reconciliation, which is so very much needed at this providential moment,irrespectively of the types of activities we  do or  responsibilities we  hold.  We also would like to express gratitude to all the brothers who helped this activity as supportive staff.

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