Proud Presentations by Bearers of Loyalty and Filial Piety


1,300 attended 18th Chuwa Culture Festival of West Japan


Japan Unification Church Headquarters: On November 16th, about 1,300 Seiwa students, youth and their families gathered for the 18th West Japan Chuwa Culture Festival under the motto: ‘Let’s become flag-bearers of the tradition of loyalty and filial piety! Seiwa students!’ The hall was filled with joy and energy of presenting fruits of their daily devotion, before Mrs. Yeon-ah Moon, wife of Hyo-jin Moon, as the representative of True Family. It became a very inspiring day.

The Chuwa Culture ppblfp3Festival is the largest annual event that the Seiwa students’ divisions nationwide organize as a festival of the culture of heart (shimjung culture). Representatives who won in the regional preliminaries which were held from September through November, came to present their performances in four areas, that is; Divine Principle Chart Lecture, Speech, and Divine Principle Lecture in the individual section, and Entertainment in the group section.

The Divine Principle Chart Lectures by middle school students are aimed at enhancing the Seiwa students’ understanding of DP, and at enabling them to convey the Principles to their peers in a way that is easy to understand. The contestants presented the lectures with enthusiasm in 7 minutes, using creative PowerPoint slides including their family photos or adding illustrative stories and explanations.

The Speech section is aimed at enabling the second generation to put into practice the Divine Principle and True Parents’ words, as proud youth who can testify to Heavenly Parent and True Parents, sharing their experiences in their life environment including home, church and school. The contestants gave powerful presentations on how they had overcome various challenges and difficulties, or how they were striving to move forward to attain their dreams.

In the Divine Principle Lecture section, speakers choose one part from the entire Divine Principle to lecture. This is aimed at the contestants themselves becoming an embodiment of the Principle, an owner who builds the culture of heart. Speakers gave the lectures with confidence and heart, and their devotion in studying well to understand and convey the Principle and practicing to lecture could be felt.

The Entertainment section is perhaps most popular as its attraction brings many people to the Chuwa Culture Festival. Bearing the same theme as last year, namely; Loyalty and Filial Piety, it is aimed at testifying to how youth love and take pride in Heavenly Parent and True Parents, and how they can influence people around them. Every district that had prepared presentations demonstrated their creativity through wonderful performances of stage plays, dances, traditional performing arts, expressive dance, chorus etc. As the same theme of Loyalty and Filial Piety was taken up, their understanding seemed more enhanced and many satisfying presentations were made.

Yeon-ah nim, Inspired by everyone’s progress
The Nationwide Chuwa Culture Festival was started as an offering to True Family. As with last year, Mrs. Yeon-ah Moon was invited to the West Japan event, representing True Family. In the opening ceremony, a student representative from Nara District which had won in the Entertainment section last year presented a bouquet of flowers to Mrs. Yeon-ah Moon on behalf of all the Seiwa students.

Yeon-ah Nim, who viewed presentations in the three sections of Speech, Divine Principle Lecture, and
Entertainment, encouraged all in the closing ceremony, introducing a speech by True Parents entitled, ‘The Way of the True Filial Child’ originally given on November 11th 1992 in Uruguay, South America.

She said, “As with last year, I was moved and shed many tears this year. We can see here that the Seiwa students have grown and developed more. May all of you take pride in True Parents, be proud that you are children of True Parents, inherit their tradition of true love, of living for the sake of others, and become the hope of the future. Next year, I will come again to join the Chuwa Culture Festival!”

As we move towards 2020, the 100th anniversary of True Father’s birthday as well as the Tokyo Olympics, the Seiwa students who are the flag-bearers of the next generation of the Unification Movement sent out a firm message of the culture of heart, not only to the realm of the second generation, but to their schools and society through this Chuwa Culture Festival.


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