President of FFWPU Korea, Continues his Nationwide Tour

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Rev. Ryu Kyeong Seuk, President of FFWPU Korea, continues his nationwide tour of church regions with stops at South Gyeongi, Incheon, Gangwon, North Gyeongi and headquarters region, meeting 2,700 members.

 FFWPU Korea: Speaking on the topic of “Accomplishing the New Tribal Messiah Mission for Victory in Vision 2020,” FFWPU President Ryu Kyeong Seuk continued his national tour of regional headquarters with visits on the 6th day of the 10th month (November 27) to South Gyeonggi and Incheon regions, on the 8th day of the 10th month (November 29) to Gangwon and North Gyeongi, and on the 9th day of the 10th month (November 30) to the headquarters region, with 2,700 local church leaders and key members attending.

Members Welcome Support through Internet Broadcasts and other Outreach Assistance

Rev. Ryu greeted the ministers at a leaders meeting for the in the South Gyeonggi region on the 6th day of the 10th month (November 27), saying, “I hope that despite the cold winter weather, the Korean church will respond with a fiery spirit during the 100 day special mobilization, offering precious devotional activities and accomplishments to our Heavenly Parent and True Parents.”

Following Rev. Ryu’s address, South Gyeonggi regional leader Cho Kyojo reported, “During the past seven months, 345 South Gyeonggi members have participated in Divine Principle education. Now they are all prepared to confidently witness and teach about the Divine Principle, and determined to bring a victory for Vision 2020 in our region.”

During the meeting, the regional leadership staff discussed strategies with Rev. Ryu regarding blessing education for 2nd generation members, mobilization plans for witnessing teams, and plans for commemorating the 2nd Anniversary of Foundation Day.

As soon as the South Gyeonggi meeting was finished, Rev. Ryu departed for Incheon. In his opening message for the Incheon rally which began at 7:00, Incheon regional leader Lee Sangyeol told the gathered members, “During the Korean War, while True Father was imprisoned at Hungnam work camp in North Korea, General MacArthur’s landing which led to True Father’s liberation from Hungnam took place at Incheon.” He continued, “Starting from here, in Incheon, True Father was rescued from his bitter suffering, and God’s Will was advanced.”

In his message, Rev. Ryu repeated part of True Mother’s message from the World Joint Worship, when she encouraged the world church leaders to pursue the providence of heaven with passion, saying “True Parents reminded us of the identity of blessed families, calling upon all of us to gain ownership of Cheon Il Guk by accomplishing the new tribal messiah mission.”

Rev. Ryu went on to report about the Korean church’s recent work to update the image of the Family Federation, included expanded internet broadcasts, and comprehensive multimedia support for local witnessing efforts. The Incheon members showed their appreciation with warm applause.

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A Call to Keep your First Heart of Faith

At the meeting at for the Gangnam region, which was held on the 8th day of the 10th month (November 29), Rev. Ryu Kyeong Seuk rallied those gathered by proclaiming, “The efforts of each of the 5,000 central blessed families in the Korean church to witness to twelve families will be a huge step toward victory in Vision 2020,” continuing, “When the central figures in the Bible received a blessing and mission from heaven, if carried those blessings in their hearts as they went out to pursue their missions, they could follow the providential path without hesitation or fear. However, when they lost that spirit, their lives drifted without direction. The most important thing for us, as well, while we work as new tribal messiahs in this new age, is to keep the spirit of our young faith in our hearts as we work.”

In his welcoming address, regional leader Kim Youngseok proclaimed, “Rev. Ryu has been called by heaven to make this visit to our regions, and he has come to help us, the elite guard, understand our mission and responsibility and to give us the fire to accomplish God’s Will.” continuing, “In order to restore the fallen world, we must become members who can accomplish the responsibility and mission we have been given.”

The second stop of the day was the North Gyeonggi region. At the leaders meeting at the Guri church, after briefing the gathered ministers about strategies and the 100 day special mobilization, regional director Hwang Bogun reported, “We have reformed the worship structure to provide special services focusing on new members, and are using this as part of our witnessing program. Also, utilizing the available facilities at the Cheongpyeong holy ground training center, we are expanding the range of programs for new members.”

In his address to the leaders, Rev. Ryu stated, “In order for the church members to be happy and to have a healthy church, there must be harmony in the minister’s family. The minister’s first responsibility is to create a happy family,” to which the gathered ministers responded with a rousing “Aju!”

In addition, Rev. Ryu took questions and held discussions with the gathered leaders on such matters as the direction for the new tribal messiah mission, tribal level small blessing ceremonies, development of blessing introduction and lecture videos, producing materials for witnessing activities, distribution of CD’s of True Parents’ speeches.

The 10th stop on FFWPU Korea President Ryu Kyeong Seuk’s national tour, on the 9th day of the 10th month (November 30) was the headquarters region at Cheon Buk Gung Church. In his speech to the church leaders, Rev. Ryu emphasized, “True Parents’ providential leadership is not introducing a new position or authority as the True Parents of humankind; rather showing us the governance of True Love which is unchanging not only in the past and the present, but also in the future.

In his report on the region’s activities regional director Lee Byeongyeol reported on the strategy for supporting witnessing activities, “We are organizing and operating programs like the Cheon Buk Center, the youth and university student witnessing process, the Seong Ae Jeon witnessing team, the international witnessing team, the witnessing revival team, the Sunghwa student witnessing process, and programs for bringing new life to inactive members.”

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Pledging to Unite with and Accomplish the Providential Vision

South Gyeonggi member Yoo Jaesoon, who had participated in Rev. Ryu’s rally gave a testimony, stating “After listening to Rev. Ryu’s speech on ‘In the coming years the Family Federation will become the religion of Korea’ my determination to witness became much stronger. I will live the proud life of a blessed member, reaching out to my neighbors through true love, witnessing to them, participating in volunteer activities, and testifying to True Parents.”

Lee Wonmyung, leader of the Seogu church in Incheon region testified, “I agreed completely with Rev. Ryu’s statement ‘the way to find the solutions for society’s problems is through witnessing’,” continuing, “By following True Parents we can give true vision and guide this world, which has lost its path and direction to return to the right path. I am determined to accomplish the holy new tribal messiah mission.”

Kim Yeongdong, the Yeoncheon church leader promised, “With great appreciation for Rev. Lu’s efforts to support the 100 day mobilization through his national speaking tour, and his clear message showing the vision of the path our Unification families must take, I will do my utmost to live the life that True Parents have shown us by embodying their words.”

Cheon Buk Gung Church youth and university Pastor Moon Baegwan said, “Through Rev. Ryu’s speech, I gained a realization of the proper attitude for a pastor, the duty in serving heaven and in taking care of members. I will devote myself to becoming a wiser pastoral family and bring hope to the world through my life.”