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One-day seminar in Berlin on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Wall (Berlin, Germany, 8. – 9. November 2014)



FFWPU Germany, By Achim Pock : A large group from the Hamburg community came to Berlin for our seminar; this was most inspiring and gave the event quite a boost.

Bernd Flieger had booked a wonderful public room near the Alexander Platz, which the Baha’i religious community had made available for the seminar, free of charge. We were given a very valuable introduction to the Baha’i religion.

Ulrich Ganz gave three lectures in which he explained interesting connections supporting the purpose of human existence, the present conflict- riddled world situation and mankind’s spiritual development in the course of history-all from the viewpoint of the revelation the ‘Divine Principle’. Good use was made of the generously allocated time for discussion at the end of each lecture, and such deep conversations with our guests developed so that we were able to invite them to advanced seminars.

Our event was held on the 8th of November, a historical day, because 25 years ago, this date marked the last day of a Germany divided in two by a wall and a border. On the following day, the wondrous 9th of November, the Berlin Wall could no longer withstand the pressure of history and the longing for freedom.

The 9th of November was a Thursday and that day ended with a historical thunderbolt-the opening of the border during the night. On the following morning, Friday the 10th of November, millions of East German citizens awoke and were informed by neighbors or the radio, that they had won back an important part of their freedom. That Friday was literally a day that brought freedom and opened the way to a reunified Germany and a united Europe-a gift from God.

For many of our members the fall of the Berlin Wall was such a defining and meaningful event because they had invested themselves wholeheartedly for many years, following their own conscience but naturally also Rev Moon’s vision, towards realizing a non-violent victory over communism through the work of CARP and CAUSA.

‘Hold a demo every day’-this was in the late 1980’s the motto of the Berlin CARP members. Every day a demo with music and a new flyer explaining the dangers of atheistic communism and making a stand for German unity. The 4th International CARP Convention in 1987 in Berlin was the highlight during which the largest demonstration ever against the Berlin Wall took place.

In these decisive years of the Cold War, the ministry for State Security in the DDR, (Stasi) nervously collected hundreds of files with observations and assessments of CARP activities. Internal employees of the Stasi (IM’s) were assigned to observe the CARP houses in West Berlin and leaders such as Gerhard Bessell, Dieter Schmidt and Claus Dubisz. In retrospect, the bizarre appearing document number 1585 of the Stasi headquarters A/department VII from 7 August 1987 leads one to understand just how seriously the Stasi considered CARP as a threat to DDR Socialism: even one single bright yellow round sticker that was found inside a paper container in East Berlin-positioned cleverly so that only the user of the container could see it-prompted a search through all the paper containers in the near vicinity for further stickers.

The sticker bore the inscription: ‘CARP-the Wall has to go!’ This incident was documented in the aforementioned paper with the heading: ‘Urgent information! Distribution of a rallying-call in the middle of Berlin for a revanchist demonstration in West Berlin!’ Signed Colonel Grohs, deputy leader, Stasi department VII. Two years and three months later the mighty fear- provoking Stasi apparatus had to capitulate to courageous people with lighted candles. And the Wall was history.


On the occasion of the 25 year anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, 15 kilometers marking the route the Wall had followed was rebuilt with 7000 lighted balloons. And then on the 9th of November, between 19.00 and 20.00-exactly to the hour when 25 years previously freedom of travel for DDR citizens was (somewhat prematurely) announced in an official press conference-the balloons were released into the evening skies over Berlin. Later some of these balloons were found even as far away as 100km. A poster which alighted in Uckermark (a historical place in NE Germany) bore the following message: ‘No matter how high the Wall is. When God jumps, it is never too high.

More than a million people swarmed into Berlin along the once-boundary of the Wall so that their children could experience the beautiful side of German history, to remember the victims of 28 years of division and to celebrate with pride but honor with humility, the value of freedom.

Numerous prominent guests such as Lech Walesa and Michael Gorbatschow were present on this celebratory occasion in Berlin in order to commemorate the historical event and the many happenings, both small and large that had made an essential contribution to the reunification of Germany.

After the sermon given by Ulrich Ganz at the Sunday service, we heard a few testimonies. Eric Hähnel recalled an especially emotional moment when, on the morning of November 10th 1989, he went to a border crossing with a bouquet of flowers which he presented as a welcome to an East German couple.

Begona Monzebe grew up for 18 years in West Berlin directly beside the Wall. The Wall was always a solid but unnatural part of her daily life. And so the day of the unexpected fall of the Wall is all the more profoundly imprinted in her memory as is the joy she then felt when she could hardly believe that the border had opened and that the Wall was disappearing bit by bit, directly beside her house.

The leader of the Stasi documentation center, Roland Jahn, faced with the historical pictures, commented: ‘Dictatorship can be overcome. The impossible is possible. We can change history.’ And the German Chancellor Angela Merkel put it in a nutshell when she said: ‘We can use all things for good. That is the message of the Berlin Wall.’

One can see it as being completely in line with the will of God and True Parents.

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