Las Vegas Outreach Continues

FFWPU USA: This morning, Dr. Ki Hoon Kim, Continental Chair of FFWPU USA, brought gifts of encouragement and good health from True Mother to the 40 Unificationists from Korea who have been working closely with Las Vegas missionaries, local Unificationists and the National Ministry team. Dr Kim opened the day with a prayer after sharing an inspiring report about the Las Vegas Providence for workshop members as they prepared to go out witnessing.

True Mother is taking a central role with the witnessing team. Every morning and evening she receives an update on the activities and gives suggestions on how outreach efforts can be improved. She really wants participants to understand True Parents’ heart for the nation and people here. Dr. Kim said, “When I share with True Mother the team’s witnessing experiences, she is very sincere and I feel her loving heart towards the brothers and sisters working so hard here. True Mother is very happy to hear that CARP in America and our Unificationist-born youth are coming to join the witnessing team here.” Read More

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