Interfaith Peace Family Blessing Festival Project: Thai Families Understand Love & Unite

FFWPU Thailand, Chum Phon Provincial Municiaplity, Southern region of Thailand, November 23, 2014: Interfaith Peace Family Blessing Festival under the project of UPF & FFWPU as Thai Families Understand Love and Unite to determine to restore 77 province of Thailand to become Cheon Il guk, expanded into the Chum Phon city, Chum Phon province, Southern region of Thailand. There are 70 families join with the presence of Mayor of Chum Phon Municipality came to give opening remark.  There are retired military generals and lieutenants, government leaders, community leaders joined.  This ignited the hope to restore the south of Thailand.

The Wind of Tribal Messiah movement for determination to fulfill the Vision 2020 in among Blessed Families in Thailand becomes stronger and more powerful, especially since True Mother gave award and invited newly blessed families from Dr.Lek Thaveetermsakul’s tribe to Cheon Jeong Gung as the first tribe in Thailand who completed the restoration of 430 families.  Thai blessed families have stronger conviction and feel so much love and encouragement from Heavenly Parent and True Parents to fulfill this mission as one of the main condition to transform our Thai nation to become Cheon Il Guk.

Mr.Terdsak and Mrs.Atiporn Kaewchanthong as 30,000 blessed couple totally unite and support each other to fulfill this mission.  Mrs.Atiporn who has Jewelry business in downtown Bangkok determine to support her husband to invest time, financial and spiritual power to restore his hometown, Chum Phon province, in the south which is 8 hours away from Bangkok.  Mr.Terdsak’s father is retired military general who used to serve in UN troop to fight in Korean War under the Commander Gen.Terdsak Maromme, current UPF Thailand Chairman, in 50 years ago.  Mr.Terdsak’s father gave his son’ s name as Terdsak because he is so proud in Gen.Terdsak Maromme who he has served closely as his commander at 38th parallel in the border of South Korea.  He used to strong persecute his son to join Unification Church because of misunderstanding during the serious time of persecution in Thailand in early 1990s.  Nowadays he became strong support to his son to do tribal messiah mission and so proud to have chance to serve Gen.Terdsak Maromme again as UPF chairman.  The foundation to restore Chum Phon province start from the project 77 province UPF and FFWPU Peace Seminar Tour on September 22, 2014 at this Chum Phon Municipality Hall which has 253 join.

Rev.Kamol Thananopavarn, National Leader of Thailand, served as MC.  Gen.Terdsak Maromme gave welcoming remark and Mr.Srichai Veeranorapanit, Mayor of Chum Phon City Municipality Administration gave Opening Remark.  Mrs.Sangkom Netsopa, director of Family Department, FFWPU Thailand, gave explanation and leading Holy Wine Ceremony.  Then, the religious leaders from Buddhism, Islam and Christianity gave benediction prayer.  After that, the main Blessing ceremony was leaded by Dr. and Mrs.Lek Thaveetermsakul, CIG Special Envoy.  The highlight of ceremony was when all participants received True Father Benediction Prayer in Blessing at Cheong Shim Peace World Center in March 2012.

Atmosphere in main hall of Chum Phon Municipality was full of love, sacred and happiness of newly blessed couples.  They want to expand this activities more in Chum Phon.  Mrs.Walapa Kaewsawee , Provincial Director Social Development & Human Security of Chum Phon gave Congratulatory Remark.  She expressed her inspiration and admiration of the work FFWPU that she did not expect that much before.  She pledge to be supporter of FFWPU in any seminar or activities that will come to Chum Phon province in near future.

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