Hoon Dok Family church and Heavenly Tribal Messiahship


FFWPU Mongolia: Hoon Dok home church and Heavenly tribal messiahship are the pillars of the providential activities in Mongolia vision 2020. These main policies have been reinforced at the 3-day New Hoon Dok home church seminar on October 10~12. After the seminar, 17 members expressed their desire to become leaders of their own Hoon Dok home church, and they were allowed to take up the mission.

After the seminar, the Mongolia HQ established the 3rd Holy Ground in Ulaanbaatar according to the traditional ritual of our church. As the result, the members have got much more opportunities to pray on the Holy Ground, since it is located in the heart of the capital.

Several days after, the Mongolian capital administration started improving the Holy Ground location by planting 17 Korean pine trees, the same as those planted in Cheong Pyeong and Won Jeon. True Father said, those Trees symbolize strong faith because they grow upright. This action was highly appreciated by the Mongolian society and found support on the part of all the 17 leaders of Hoon Dok home churches.

Hood Dok home church leaders are holding their Hoon Dok home meetings once a week besides Sunday Service attendance. The HQ published a couple of books for the Hoon Dok home church activities about education and witnessing: Hoon Dok home church booklet, right; and the Divine Principle, 1 hour chart, left.


Witnessing campaign

The 40-days witnessing campaign started on Nov 17. In 2014, Mongolia has been keeping the One-on-One Divine Principle education at witnessing. The major new trend introduced in the campaign this time is witnessing through Hoon Dok home church. Through the daily activity with support of the Cheon Il Gok Japanese youth missionaries, including street witnessing of University students, we expect many new members to join us at Hoon Dok home churches. The 2nd generation of young Cheon Il Gok Japanese missionaries are leaders of their own Hoon Dok home churches.


Peace Forum

Initiated by UPF of Mongolia, the 1st Forum of Peace with participation of the Family church members was held in Mongolia on November 2, 2014. There were not so many people that came to the event still all of them understood the great significance of the UPF activity in Mongolia. We are going to hold the Forums of the kind by efforts of our church members of the Family Church on a monthly base. The workshop on “AURA” and tribal messiahship in Mongolia was held on November 8, 2014. We have conducted the ceremony of awarding new UPF Ambassadors for Peace, friends relatives of our 1st Ambassador for Peace. They have already become our Church Family members. The new Ambassadors for Peace, Dr. Bujingarav, gave a lecture about “AURA.”

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