DP Seminar on Marriage in Upper Austria


FFWPU Austria, by Hans and Hillevi Brunnbauer (Brunnbach, 2014 11 29 – 30): On the first day we practiced lectures for our future guests, in order to guide them in attending the Foundation Day Blessing 2015. In the breaks we had lively discussions about how to adapt the lecture content and many new inspirations came while hearing the Divine Principle lectures.

On the second day three guests came. The mayor from the neighbouring village, Reichraming, attended and gave very practical examples from his life and work with people.

One couple also attended, the wife being a catholic bishop from a movement which attempts to install woman priesthood worldwide!

It was uplifting to teach the Divine Principle and the Vision of World Peace through the Blessing movement, which establishes Blessed families of all cultures, religions and colors of skin.

We had constructive discussions and laid a foundation for further development, so that we can have blessing workshops held in the hometowns of the blessed couples in our region.

The teachers this time were Heinz Krcek, Bogdan Pammer, Hans Brunnbauer. Altogether, we were seven participants and three guests on the second day. Thanks to everyone for this great investment.