Christmas With True Parents

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Watch the main event and the banquet here

FFWPU USA: Over a thousand people answered True Mother’s invitation to come to Las Vegas and celebrate Christmas with her today, December 21, 2014. Everyone was so excited to see True Mother this morning, as she was excited to see everyone. The South Point Hotel was filled with people eager to hear True Mother’s message and joyful to be in her presence, and though this Christmas gathering was big, it was so focused and orderly. An atmosphere of respect and togetherness filled the room, making for a truly wonderful program.

True Mother addressed the crowd, again encouraging us to be confident in sharing about True Parents as she has done all year. She said that Christmas is usually a time of joy and celebration, but when she thinks about the life of Jesus and the years of suffering that God went through in order to send his only begotten son only to have him crucified, her heart is heavy. Then she asked, now that True Parents are here, what are we going to do? Are we going to allow the same thing to happen again? Are we going to allow God to continue suffering? True Mother could not hold back her tears, apologizing for not being able to contain her emotions. This was truly a touching and thought provoking moment for everyone.

True Mother was fervent and serious about her reflection, and it was clear that she wanted to share this important message. At the same time, evident from the celebration that followed the service, she wanted the day to be a joyful experience. She was very happy to see so many Cranes Club participants, and her message was enveloped in the love and joy she has for everyone. As the crowd moved into another room for the Christmas celebration, the energy was high, and families were so happy to be celebrating the holiday season with True Mother.

A banquet with light-hearted, beautiful and exciting entertainment spanned the afternoon. At the start of the banquet, Japanese, American, and Korean representatives from the Cranes Club presented True Mother with gifts. There was a musical offering from the Los Angeles Family Church band, as well as songs by professional singers Kiah Victoria and Jung-Hwa Kwan. The evening came to a bouncy end, with a performance from the Bounce team performing True Mother’s daily morning exercise routine, a sure contributor to how happy and healthy True Mother looks.

This day of celebration was ultimately a reminder of how grateful we are for the gifts we have been given. For one, we had the opportunity to welcome and thank an entire delegation from Japan who donated to the International Peace Education Center in Las Vegas. It’s the season of giving; we have received so much from our True Parents, and are determined to give back all we have received by moving forward united on their vision. Everyone was grateful to gather as one global family today, celebrating all of True Parents’ accomplishments in America and celebrating Christmas, not only with gifts but with determination. Read More

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