Cheon Il Guk Witnessing Revival Team Mobilized

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Chungnam Region, Korea


FFWPU Korea: On the 7th day of the 10th month by the Heavenly Calendar (November 28), the Chungnam Region held a rally to mobilize their newly formed Cheon Il Guk Travelling Witnessing Revival Team, pledging to bring victory for Vision 2020 and for the 2nd Anniversary of Foundation Day.

The inspiration for the Chungnam Witnessing Revival Team sprang from True Mother’s visit to the Cheonan Church on the 6th day of the leap 9th month (October 29). When she visited, True Mother entreated the members of the Chungnam region to proclaim the coming of the True Parents as the Saviors and Messiah of humankind, and to pursue victory through new tribal messiah activities. True Mother made a special gift of a bus to the region to support their witnessing activities.

Coming to the agreement that “Witnessing is the Only Way” to respond to True Mother’s generous support, Rev. Seon Juseong, the regional leader and the church leadership and ministers made a determination to glorify and honor the Heavenly Parent and True Parents by offering up their efforts to realize their hopes and desires for humankind. In order to accomplish this, the region developed a strategy to support the witnessing efforts strategy of the 14 churches in the region, by forming and mobilizing the Witnessing Revival Team.

Shin Inseon, the head of witnessing department spoke at the mobilization rally, saying, “This new beginning, beginning from the Chungnam region, and centering on True Parents, will surely mobilize heaven and bring astonishing results”, continuing, “Every one of our blessed families has its own deep relationship and connection of heart with heaven. Now we need to share that warm love that we have received from the Heavenly Parent and True Parents with the world. I hope that the Witnessing Revival Team will take the lead in accomplishing Vision 2020 by becoming an atomic bomb of true love.”

Earlier, in his opening address, regional leader Seon Juseong had appealed to those gathered to bring victory in Vision 2020 through witnessing, supported by the bus given by True Mother and by the entire region’s pledge to dedicate themselves to work for victory without stopping.

After the mobilization rally, elder member Noh Jeongsoon testified, “During the last year we have been so blessed to inherit True Parents’ heart here in the Cheonan church, and we have been witnessing with happy and joyful hearts. Now, with this new Revival Team, we have a tremendous opportunity to go forward with even more inspiration and spirit.”

Missionary Amaguchi testified, “Things have changed so much since one year ago. We are devoted our entire minds and bodies to witnessing, and 24 hours a day is not enough for what we want to do. Also, I can feel heaven sending wisdom and live, hope and courage to make up for all of our shortcomings.” She continued, “The Chungnam Revival Team will become the embodiment of true love and stand at the forefront of the witnessing efforts. I hope that the witnessing passion of our Chungnam region will spread out to the worldwide Unification Church family and quickly make the ideal of Cheon Il Guk a reality.”

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