CARP Relieves One Hunger at a Time

Panhandlers' Placards Show Signs Of Continued Economic Hardship

FFWPU USA:  According to the Coalition for the Homeles, New York City consists of more than 59,000 homeless people, a large portion of whom are families. Last week, the CARP @ New York City hosted a Community Impact Project to feed the homeless in Manhattan. They produced goody bags with peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, granola bars and fruits, then reached out to people in Penn Station, Grand Central, Bryant Park and the Chelsea High Line.

The core team also asked for help from surrounding offices and volunteers. Heather Fraser-Harris, an employee for the Women’s Federation for World Peace USA United Nation’s office, volunteered to give one goody bag away to a homeless person on her way home from work. Here’s how her experience of contributing just a little went a long way:

“I approached an older man standing in the rain holding up an ad sign directing people to a restaurant, and I asked him if I could offer him the food. He was taken aback and looked so confused, and asked me why. I said it was just a small gift. He then looked straight at me and smiled. It was incredible. It still blows my mind how such a simple act can add so much value to someone’s day, and how so little can mean so much. We all have kindness to share. So let’s help each other give more to the world.”

Heather’s short testimony is a reminder of the power of the season of giving. CARP encourages chapters around the country to engage in campus or community impact events that serve others this holiday season. Read More