CARP Makes Las Vegas Shine in December Outreach Activities

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FFWPU USA: December in Las Vegas proved to be an uplifting month for CARP Las Vegas members, Las Vegas Family Church and their guests as CARP members answered True Mother’s call for a stronger outreach program.

During her visit to Las Vegas in March 2014, True Mother shared her vision for creating a new set of outreach initiatives that would combine the strengths of the local Las Vegas Family Church, Generation Peace Academy (GPA) and the Collegiate Association for the Research of Principles (CARP). The overall focus was set on campus ministry, teaching the Divine Principle and a study of True Parents’ words.

Answering this call, the Las Vegas CARP chapter has made it its mission to testify to True Parents and transform lives through the power of Divine Principle.

Following two 2-day Divine Principle workshops held in October and November, a 5-Day Educational and Leadership Divine Principle Workshop was held to bring to a close a whole semester of sincere devotion and witnessing efforts made by CARP Las Vegas, Japanese missionaries and the Las Vegas Family Church community.

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During this workshop, the entire teachings of the Divine Principle were covered and followed by an introduction to True Parents’ life course. Attending the workshop as guests were four students from University of Las Vegas, two students from Portland State University (Oregon), two Unificationist-born youth from Belize in Central America, and two young adults from Texas who recently became Unificationists. They were moved to learn about True Parents’ life.

This was an opportunity for the CARP members to learn how to coordinate a workshop and provide spiritual care and guidance for guests who were studying the Divine Principle. With the guidance from Akira and Makiko Watanabe, Directors of CARP Las Vegas, and Christine Froehlich, an experienced educator and lecturer, the CARP members were able to experience how Heavenly Parent could work in educating and raising guests at a workshop setting. CARP members are also grateful for the support from church community who came to cook and offered prayers of support.

Throughout the workshop a strong family spirit was built, breaking down the barriers between guests and CARP members, cultivating the feeling that all are children of True Parents. Many fun activities, such as friendly games of volleyball and table tennis, were played. More spiritual and internalized activities, such as writing a letter to Heavenly Parent, deepened everyone’s relationship with God. Several guests mentioned that the letter-writing activity helped them take those precious first steps in their relationship with Heavenly Parent. Read More

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