Blessing Prep Support Webinar for Ministry Leaders • Dec. 18 • 9pm (EST)

FFWPU USA: The 2015 Blessing is coming up in just a few months! Do you want to ensure that the couples in your community have an elegant and meaningful Blessing Ceremony in your local community or district? Join our 2015 Blessing Ceremony Prep Support Series for Ministry Leaders on December 18 at 9pm (EST). Participants in this webinar will learn about the following:

  • How to conduct a successful Blessing Ceremony
  • Hear testimonies from communities with exceptional Blessing Ceremonies
  • Prepare for and organize a Blessing Ceremony
  • Explanation and distribution of Blessing documents & resources
  • Q&A

We are inviting all Pastors and Ministry Leaders who will be involved in planning and hosting a Blessing Ceremony locally. Click Here for Registration and more.

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