An Awarded from “Golden Fortune” Academy from Ukraine

WFWP Italy, Chiesa Santa Maria Maggiore, Rome, Italy, 29. November 2014: Santa Maria Maggiore catholic basilica in Rome, Elisabetta Nistri, President of the Italian WFWP received a medal and a diploma from the International Academy “GOLDEN FORTUNE” from Ukraine for the contribution given by her and the WFWP in support of the Ukrainian Community in Italy and for the promotion of peace in this country.

The ceremony was celebrated by his Excellency Monsignor Irinei Bilyk and by the President of the Academy Dimitriy Akimoz, who arrived from Kiev for the occasion with the presence of the Ukrainian ambassador and the coordinating council of the Ukrainian organization in Italy.

Also awarded were the Dean of the University Angelicum, the president of the Osservatorio Romano for the immigration of CARITAS, Khalid Chaouki deputy of the Italian parliament, Municipal Councilor Antonella Pollicita and the president of the associations SALVAMAMME.

The ceremony was thick with emotion and there was a beautiful atmosphere inside S. Raffaelle chapel, with beautiful frescoes in the background and the choir who accompanied the event.

It allowed all of those present to know even more about the reality in which the Ukrainian population is living, and that it is not all reported by the media. Every day there are young soldiers that die defending their people and every Sunday the Ukrainian Community in Italy organizes shipments to help the families in their homeland.

Above all, the moment in which the bishop blessed the rosaries that were to be sent to the soldiers in Ukraine with our prayers was extremely touching.

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