A Letter from the President: The Status of UTS

FFWPU USA: There have been recent concerns about the financial situation of the Unification Theological Seminary (UTS). The following is a letter from Dr. Michael Balcomb, Chair of the UTS Board of Trustees and FFWPU USA President, addressing these questions and concerns.

Dear UTS Alumni and students, and all members of the Unification Community,

Greetings from Las Vegas! Over the next few days, True Mother will very busy with God’s providence here. Tomorrow she will deliver a special message to the clergy of the ACLC. On Saturday, she’ll meet with almost 200 young people from Korea, Japan and America who have come at her invitation to inaugurate the Cranes Club. The following day we have a wonderful Sunday service and Christmas Party with True Parents for over 1200 people. We are so grateful for these blessings from True Parents.

In recent days, a number of you have written to me, and to all the UTS Board of Directors, asking “What is going on at UTS,” especially after the publication last week of the President of the Alumni Association Robin Graham’s appeal to the alumni, “HSA’s Financial Gun to the Head.”

Robin has pointed out a number of real concerns about the challenges that lie ahead for UTS, including its ability to maintain accreditation, to secure access to needed Federal financial aid and other public funds, and to meet the academic and spiritual needs of current and future students. These are all very important issues that need to be and will be resolved with cooperation and goodwill.

As a graduate of UTS—twice—I have a deep appreciation for the priceless education this school has provided. I also remember many occasions when Father and Mother visited and spent time with the students, loving, scolding, cajoling and encouraging us to see the big picture. It’s always been my desire to preserve True Parents’ vision in a sustainable way for generations to come.

The key word is “sustainable.” We are not looking to close UTS, or sell the property, but we must find workable solutions that keep True Parents’ teachings and vision alive in our seminary whilst dealing with practical realities. Throughout most of the last 40 years, UTS has survived only with the help of continuous and generous funding from a variety of organizations created by True Parents. For many years, the main source of that support was from overseas, but in recent years, that funding has come from HSAUWC in the USA. Read More


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