Divine Principle Workshop in Mombasa, Kenya

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FFWPU Kenya: A seven days Divine Principle workshop was successfully held in Mombasa, Kenya at Migadini Family Centre from December 1st – 7th, 2014. A group work of Mr. J. Wainaina Mburu, Rev. Albanus Mwololo, Mrs. Judy W. Kabau and Mrs. Anne Wanjiru Wainaina made this workshop possible.

The workshop was attended by twenty six participants. Seventeen of them were new participants while the other 9 had participated in previous 7 day workshops.



The workshop participants gave moving testimonies about their life, challenges, dreams and understanding of God before and after the workshop:

  • One sister testified how she got very sick 3 days before the workshop. It took her great determination to decide to attend the workshop. She continued being sick even during the first 3 days of the workshop but had recovered by the end of the workshop. After learning the Divine Principle, she able to understood that it was Satan who was trying to stop her from attending the workshop.
  • A young brother got a revelation in a dream during the workshop period how Jesus tried to start a family but failed. He saw the Lord of the Second Advent succeed to start a family but people were rejecting him. He was told in the dream to accept him.
  • Whilst St. Paul’s confession in Rom 7:18-25 is used in the DP to explain the limit of salvation through the cross, another young man gave a testimony how he has been “comparing himself with St. Paul” to justify his sinful acts arising from his weak body. He has now understood that the human beings require full salvation.
  • Another sister testified that by attending the second DP workshop, all her questions have been answered and she is now ready to go for the blessing.

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