Near and Far: Spreading the Word from Vegas to Florida

FFWPU USA: Following the Christmas weekend with True Parents in Las Vegas, Unificationists are doing their best to close 2014 with a big show of commitment to spread the news of True Parents. Americans have just joined Korean missionaries in Las Vegas to support their 14-day witnessing workshop while Cranes Club participants from Korea, Japan and America spent four days touring the great canyons in the West Coast. In Florida, two young Unificationist couples hosted a Christmas party for friends and shared True Father’s words as their main message of love and peace and ACLC Houston discussed the importance of family values with local clergy.


Americans Join the Korean Witnessing Team in Las Vegas

Today the Korean missionaries battled cold weather to reach out to new people in Las Vegas. They are totally supportive of each other and so determined to find the people whom God has prepared. Every spare minute is spent going through their name lists and contacting their guests. They are here for such a short time, so every moment counts.

Because of the cold weather and busy schedule, many of them are now feeling challenged physically. Some are catching colds and feeling a little weak, but they don’t show it. True Mother gifted beautiful cashmere scarves to all the sisters on the witnessing team today to help keep them warm.

Today 13 American Unificationists joined the witnessing workshop. These amazing brothers and sisters dropped what they were doing and came from all over the country to support True Mother’s witnessing workshop. The new team members will be divided among the Korean teams, two per team, to help with witnessing and translation. As the Americans started arriving, the Korean teams became extremely excited about working together with them. They are so grateful to those who are showing up to help.

Tomorrow they will start the day at the Shine City Project, cleaning the area around Lake Mead, and in the afternoon they will work with the Food Is Love project to feed the homeless. Please pray for the Korean, Japanese and American family members joining together to answer True Mother’s call. One thing is for certain: God is bringing a whole bunch of really cool people together! Read More

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