Peace Lessons in Ukraine

FFWPU Ukraine: On November 25, 2014 we started a 7-days DP workshop. It is attended by five new guests the. Also 1 person came to the workshop for the second time.

School of Peace lessons for children of 23 schools in Kyiv. We expect that in the future the children will become Young Ambassadors for Peace. More than 50 students participated in the project. Through these lessons we are laying the foundation for a Culture of Peace. Оn November 5, we held a program on basic principles of organizing projects – leadership, time management, project management, UN Days. The event took place at the Ukrainian House.

On November 12, the “Public Choice” role game was organized at the Ukrainian House. Through this game the children learned about the specific influence of each person’s choice on situations created in society. When we pursue our own selfish interests, the society suffers; but when our actions are not influenced by our selfish desires, when we act for the benefit of others, we will surely create a decent and unselfish society.

On November 19-20, the classes on School of Peace were held in the “Dialogue” gymnasium and at school Nr. 85 in Kyiv. About 40 people attended. They listened to a lecture on moral education and participated in a practical class on projects organizing.

The “Legacy of Peace” book was our next project. It was published in cooperation with the “Diplomatic Ukraine” Publishing House with support of the diplomatic corps in Ukraine. We are planning to give copies of this book to different Embassies. The book embraces exposition of the life and work of Dr. Sun Myung Moon — the public figure who, though confronted by enormous challenges, committed his whole life to building “the one world family” based on the ideal of true love, and desire to live for others. Through his endeavors, together with his followers, he laid a foundation for a harmonious world where all people can live together in harmony and peace. For researchers, graduate students and anyone who is interested in philosophy, practices and development of peace building.