5-Day Divine Principle in Albania

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FFWPU Albania, by Arnold Grami (Albanian Training Center, November 26~30, 2014): We closed the month of November with a 5 day DP workshop held in our Training Center. Even though the weather was not so good, nothing stopped us to enjoy this workshop.

By the time passing we feel that the spiritual world, especially on this time is very supportive, so we wanted to welcome such heavenly fortune by creating a good atmosphere improving from one workshop to the other.

The atmosphere was reflected quickly to all the participants of the workshop, where they felt as in a family where everyone was inviting and accepting easily Heavenly Parent. For this reason, we felt that this was a workshop for members and not for new guests.

This workshop was coordinated by Arjan Haziraj, who, together with other staff members, tried hard to create a good spiritual atmosphere for everyone. We had 53 participants on this workshop, and from them there were 12 new.

On this workshop we sang by all our hearts not only the Albanian songs, as on those days we had our National Independence and Liberation Day, but we sang with all our hearts also holy songs. Also these days were more beautiful also because of different games that we played together. We really believe that the national holydays were celebrated the best way during this workshop.

Not only the new guests, but also other members felt the family atmosphere on this workshop, despite the variety of the ages we had this time, 13 ~80 years old, which actually helped that everything can go well and the divine principle lectures can be understood and felt deeply.


The reflections and reactions of participants are different, but full of emotions. Here there are some of them:

Durrës: My life changed totally, I wish that these days will not be the last for me here, and I will not forget the promises I gave. In my life I had a lot of desire to find a family where I would be respected and loved, to be united, and this desire was realized here, where I found the true family and the love of God.

Tirana: I am new here, but this doesn’t mean that I wanted to be here before with you and True Parents. Maybe He selected me on this time because I now I am ready to understand things better, but still I am very grateful. I would like to really work a lot to indemnify what was destroyed before.

Korça: I want to really thank God for all of you. I pray for all the new guests who got the truth that can witness to others about True Parents as they are the way that we should follow to the Heavenly Parent.

Elbasan: I like that here everything was organized perfectly as even one second was not spend in vain. Oh my God what beautiful lectures and true lectures. Oh God, only You know the truth what I could experience in this place. So many beautiful songs that we sang together as a loving family. I liked the prayer that I learned, there were the most emotional moments of my life with beautiful tears. Really before coming here I thought that I would disconnect from reality for few days, but now I understood that just discovered which the true reality is.

Fier: I got a lot of inspiration to be mobilized more and to and to encourage myself to reach the level of a true woman, and to become the daughter of Heavenly Parent. I need to study more regularly every day.

And our workshop was concluded by a nice and inspiring visit of the Special Emissaries of True Parents, Dr. No Hi Pak and Prof. Lan Young Moon.