14-Day Workshop for Second Generations in Southern Africa

FFWPU Zambia, by Djimadoum Fabrice: FFWPU Zambia hosted a 14 day-workshop for Second Generation for (Southern Africa Region) from 14th to 28th December, 2014 in Barlastone Training Centre, Lusaka. About 43 participants aged from 15 years and up from Zimbabwe, Malawi and within Zambia have participated. Theme of the workshop was “Making a Difference”. The workshop was the initiative from Easter Africa Region.

During the two (2) weeks, participants received  Divine Principle lectures in depth, True Parents life course, internal guidance focused on practical life on topics such as “my dreams”, “restoration of trust”, “Purity”, “My Family”, “God and I” among others were discussed in the program. They received guidance about Blessing and others topics from elders. Participants opened their hearts through session of questions and answers. They were also able to experience the front line for witnessing during the workshop. Morning physical exercises, sport (football, hand ball…), songs prayer sessions, group discussion and dedication work complemented the program of training a make difference during their lives from now on.

At the end of the workshop, each participant wrote his or her reflection. Participants received their certificates during the graduation ceremony at Sunday Service. The Southern Africa Sub Region Director and Zambia National Leader, Rev. Rudolf Faerber encouraged the participants to become strong, bold as they are to enter Cheon Il Guk.

In their testimonies, participants expressed their deep gratitude having received guidance throughout the workshop, felt renewal in their life of faith and are ready to put in practice the teachings received. And finally they requested for more workshops in the near future.

The aim of the workshop with the vision of “Making a Difference”, was fulfilled for further educational agendas in preparation.









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