1,000-capacity Niigata Church dedicated


Japan Unification Church Headquarters: On November 10th, approximately 500 church members attended the dedication ceremony of the Niigata Church, which was built on 192-tsubo (1 tsubo= 3.3 sq. m) space to accommodate 1,000 service attendees. Its third-floor space is dedicated exclusively to youth education, complete with Wi-Fi, audiovisual and lighting equipment. The deserves to bring victory in Vision2020.

Rev. Tokuno commended to the members: “The victory of yesterday’s Blessing marks a milestone achievement in the history of Japanese Unification Church. ‘November 9th’ is the historical day when the Berlin Wall came down. It feels that Satan’s walls in Japan begin to crumble, as well. Niigata Parish has become the champion of Blessing!”

Mrs. Hae-ok Lee comforted the members, saying, “When I ponder about your devotion up to this day, my heart is filled with emotion. A proverb says, ‘Hardship is the beginning of happiness.’ Such words are for our members of Niigata!”

In his closing remarks, Chairman Song encouraged the members: “With one heart, you opened a new page in the joyful history of the Unification Church of Japan, giving hope and great victory. May the 450 Couples Blessing of Niigata Parish become the hope that can help the nation of Japan!” Members who had long awaited the completion of the sanctuary also expressed hope in the beautiful and spacious church, making a new resolve to bring victory in Tribal Messiah activities.

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