1-Day Divine Principle Workshop in Vienna

FFWPU Austria, by Elisabeth Cook (Vienna, Austria, 29. November 2014): As we had not had a one-day DP workshop recently in Vienna we decided to hold one in November. Our preparations: The members who are involved in witnessing (about 10 persons) met at the end of October and we decided on the date, 29th November 2014, and the conditions:

  • A 21-day prayer condition
  • Every day at least one person engages in witnessing activities
  • Our goal was to have 12 guests.

On November 29th the workshop was held. We gave 4 lectures: The Principles of Creation in 2 parts, the Fall of Man, The Purpose of the Messiah and the Parallels of History. Dr. Wolfgang Czerny, myself and Dominic Zöhrer were teaching. The lectures were accepted well.

10 guests and 25 members attended. The atmosphere was open and friendly, the participants were excited about the lectures and about the possibility to share and to interact with people who have a high spiritual standard.

We decided to follow up the seminar on a Friday afternoon two weeks later in order to explain more deeply the Second Coming of the Messiah.