UPF Seminar: “Our Eternal Home”


A seminar With Johannes Stampf, author of the book of the same title, published by the Peace Academy, Linz.


FFWPU Europe (Hamburg, Germany, 18. – 19. October 2014): With the goal of encouraging a deeper understanding of the function of spirituality and ethics in peace building, UPF Hamburg held a seminar entitled, ’Our Eternal Home’, on 18th October 2014.

The seminar was presented by Johannes Stampf from Vienna, author of a book with the same title. (In the morning, Mr. Stampf was taken on a short sightseeing trip of Hamburg by Josef Eder a fellow Austrian who has lived for over 20 years in Hamburg. The ‘Michel church’ was one of the attractions visited, and the sightseeing ended with lunch, ‘Lapskaus’ in the traditional Hamburg restaurant the ‘Kramerstube’)

The seminar started at 14.00. In the first part, an overview was given of the many accounts in classical and modern literature of experiences with the spiritual world. Included were accounts from all cultures, religious texts, and mystics such as Swedenborg. Modern studies about near-death experiences from Dr Moody, Dr Elisabeth Kübler-Ross and many others were mentioned.

In the refreshment break that followed, there was plenty of opportunity for the participants to become acquainted and to exchange opinions and impressions.

A musical interlude from Reinhold Merta on the guitar set the atmosphere for the next presentation, which was a detailed description of our home after this life has ended.

Mr. Stampf stressed that life after death is not a matter of belief, but will be a reality for every single person, without exception. Therefore it makes sense to be clear already in the here and now about our eternal life and to prepare ourselves as best we can, for this lends purpose and meaning to how we lead our life. Also, guidelines such as ‘living for the sake of others’, loving relationships and the quest for truth are clearly parameters for a happy life.

Our physical body is mortal, but our spirit, which grows like a fruit on the basis of our way of being and doing, is eternal. After death, we will not stand before God’s judgment, but will choose our own level, corresponding to our spiritual development.

It is clear from the above that peace is the result of a life lived in harmony and centered on the well-being of the whole. After the conclusion of the seminar, we remained together for a long time and had very lively discussions. (On the following day, we had the opportunity to meet Johannes again at the home of family Gröning. He told us of some of the personal experiences that had stimulated him to write a book and give public presentations on the topic of ‘Our Eternal Home’.

Thus Johannes Stampf’s visit was a great inspiration for our peace building work in Hamburg. And naturally, we hope that Mr. Stampf was able to take back many good impressions to Vienna)

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