Update on the situation in Burkina Faso


Burkina Faso has been the center of massive protests these past few days. The protests in this landlocked and resource-rich country in West Africa began when the president, Blaise Compaoré, attempted to amend the constitution to extend his 27-year rule. On Thursday, October 31, the parliament building was set on fire by protesters and on Friday, the president resigned and moved to neighboring Ivory Coast.

On Saturday, November 2, the presidential guard commander, Lieutenant Colonel Isaac Zida, declared himself to be the new head of state.

However, on Sunday, there were signs of unrest as thousands gathered in the capital of Ouagadougou to demand a return to civilian rule.

As tensions heightened, shots were fired at the state TV headquarters and two civilians were reportedly killed.

The African Union, the United Nations and the international community at large has been demanding the return to civilian rule.

Reporting from Ouagadougou, the special envoy to Burkina Faso, Rev. Tatsuo Sasaki mentioned that the members were safe and everyday life seemed to be returning to normal.

Despite the political tension and the potential for further protests if a return to civilian rule does not take place in the coming weeks, the members in Burkina Faso are investing themselves for the sake of the country and the providence.

On November 1, a UPF conference for Peace Ambassadors was organized to promote True Parents’ message of Peace. Prior to that, a strategic workshop was held between October 9 – 12 and six teams were organized to promote tribal messiah activities.

A special 70-day witnessing condition began on October 19 and will continue until December 27, 2014. A CARP leaders’ meeting and a Women’s Federation meeting were also organized.

In this challenging time, we invite and encourage the worldwide Unification Community to pray for, encourage and support the providence, the leadership and the members in Burkina Faso. We also pray that peace may quickly return to this beautiful country and True Parents’ message of peace and “Love, Forgive and Unite” may spread throughout the nation.