True Parents News: Weekly Update

Peace TV: Updated new (November 15)

True Parents News & Korean News
1. Special gathering for Korean national messiahs and elder pastors
2. Testimony from a Filipina wife who, with her husband, completed witnessing to 430 couples

Global News
1. Tribal Messiah Activities
Japan, 2015 Cosmic Blessing Ceremony for married couples / Divine Principle workshop in Kazakhstan / Panama, Welcoming members of the martial arts dojang / Mongolia, Tribal Messiah Activities / D.R. Congo, Seminar on “Accomplishment of God’s Will and Human Responsibility”

2. Peace activities
Thailand, 77-province Peace Tour / Czech Republic, European Leadership Conference on “The Family in the 21st Century” / New Zealand, WFWP Seminar

3. Church revival
Taiwan, Rev. Lee Yo-han speaking tour / Albania, 4-day seminar for key members / England, 40th Anniversary of the Purchase of Cleeve House / Paraguay, Vice-president Juan Afara visits Leda