True Mother’s Love and Care for Albania


4-day (November 3~6) visit to Albania by Dr. Man Ho Kim – Secretary General of FFWPU International Headquarters, Pres. Young Sik An – European Continental Director & Mr. Sam Nagasaka – Vice Director of Vision 2020 Project.


FFWPU Albania: It was such a great blessing to receive True Mother’s representatives to Albania at this special time. We felt True Mother’s love, True Mother’s care, True Mother’s trust and True Mother’s great expectations for all of us. We are truly grateful and want to re-determine ourselves in order to justify True Parents trust in Albania and each one of us.

The delegation arrived in Albania on the afternoon of the November 3rd and right away they were welcomed by over 80 Tirana FFWPU Community members at the Peace Embassy. After being welcomed very warmly by all members, Pres. An shared few words and introduced Dr. Man Ho Kim. Dr. Kim shared his heart with brothers and sisters and asked each person to reflect deeply about the preciousness of the time we are living in and determine to save this nation. He said that True Mother is looking at the world map, at least 12 times a days, and prays for you.

Next day, early morning, the delegation departed to Durres city- a seaside city and some 40 km from Tirana. Around 45 brothers and sisters were waiting for us in Durres witnessing center – a center pioneered some 2 & half years ago. Around members had come from Vlora and Fier cities to participate and listen to Dr. Kim and Pres. An.

Dr. Kim asked brothers and sisters there -who were mostly one their teens and 20s- to have dream. Not simple dream connected to profession or material possessions, but to have the dream to save the nation. Also he asked all brothers and sisters to become spiritually strong in order to invest a lot and fulfill such dream.


Dr. Kim promised to Dunes brothers and sisters that if they could make 100 dedicated members within next year, he would do his best to help get a new bigger center. All brothers and sisters determined to invest a lot in witnessing and realize the goal given by Dr. Kim. Even the Ambassadors for Peace who were present took ownership and promised to help realize this goal.The event finished with four cheers of Eok Manzeiand sharing freely Heavenly Parent’s love with each -other.

After lunch, the delegation departed toward Elbasan city- some 100 km away. In Elbasan, around 50 brothers and sisters from Elbasan and Korea Community had gathered to welcome us. In Elbasan Dr. Kim asked brothers and sisters to truly understand the precious value they have. How much Heavenly Parent had worked to find each and every one of them? For what? In order to bring his blessing to this nation at this time. In order to meet True Parents. Therefore, each one should be strong, understand the enormous value they have and share the great new that True Parents have come to this earth after so many thousands of years of suffering and pain Heavenly Parent had to go through.

Dr. Kim challenged also Elbasan brothers and sister to increase greatly the number of membership and promised that he will help get new and bigger center if they multiply themselves 10 times. At the end of the event two new members received the membership certificates from Dr. Kim and Pres. An making it an historical event for these new members.

Late evening the delegation came back to Tirana after long and intensive schedule.


On November 5th, we had meeting with Community Leaders, Providential Organization leaders and HQ staff at the Peace Embassy in Tirana. After listening to few reports, Dr. Kim shared very deeply True Parents heart and expectations for Albania and what kind of attitude we should have. He urged all leaders to truly change their viewpoint and raise their expectations in the level of True Parents expectations. He shared very seriously about the very role we have as leaders at this time and the crucial significance we have for the future of the nation. The whole meeting was very serious and with deep realizations.

Two other sessions were led by Mr. Sam Nagasaka who asked questions to all leaders and shared his experience and gave precious guidance to Albanian leaders. It was very meaningful and fruitful time for everybody, even though short.

Later afternoon, the delegation visited Tirana CARP center where around 40 CARP members were gathered. Pres. An shared at the beginning asking CARP members to think seriously about their future and being a CARP member and follower of True Parents is the best decision in their life. Then Dr. Kim shared about his experience of joining as CARP member and by following True Parents his life has been so rich, challenging but beautiful. He asked everybody to think seriously who is going to save the nation of Albania and determine to become true leaders who can lead 10000 people. At the end Mr. Nagasaka shared with CARP members, having lots of experience in many countries with CARP. He said that strangely enough, he found out that what he called the second spiritual parent was an Albanian brother and so Albania became very special to him. He then shared what it means to be a CARP member and what it means to know Heavenly Parent and True Parents at the CARP age.


At the evening time, Dr. Kim Pres. An and Mr. Nagasaka had a warm meeting with two key Ambassadors for Peace who truly love True Parents. They shared together about the way God has prepared Albanian people for this time to embrace True Parents teachings. Especially Mr. Nagasaka asked many questions in order to understand more why this nation has suffered so much and what we can do at this time in order to open the way to build Cheon Il Guk.

On the last day, Dr. Kim Pres. An and Mr. Nagasaka visited the Training Center where the roof construction had just finished through the precious support of True Parents.


Later the delegation was welcomed by the former President of Albania, H. E. Alfred Moisiu at his office. Pres. Moisiu had welcomed True Parents in 2005 in Albania when he was President and also attended several times ILCs in Korea. Particularly, Pres. Moisiu gave the condolence message during the True Father’s Seonghwa Ceremony on behalf of all heads of states. The meeting was very warm and in a family atmosphere. Pres. Moisiu mentioned that True Parents teaching are very important for this world in crisis, especially their teachings on family values.

After this very intense and busy schedule, Dr. Kim Pres. An and Mr. Nagasaka departed to airport to go to the next country they had to visit. It was a very important and meaningful visit which inspired all brothers and sisters. Through them, they could feel True Mother’s concern and her deep love for each and every one of them.

Thank you True Mother for being True Mother!

We will do our best to deserve your love and trust by offering substantial results as true sons and daughters!