True Mother: “They are noble sacrifices for the Will of God!” (Full Coverage)



They loved God, families and friends!

Special Coverage of the Seonghwa Ceremonies for Four church members who ascended into heaven in the Mt. Ontake eruption in Japan

Unification Church Japan Headquarters: Natural calamities occur unexpectedly. In the East Japan Great Earthquake, the massive tsunami waves came from the very familiar offshores, gulping homes, vehicles and fleeing people altogether, totally out of the blue. This time, the calamity fell down from the sky!

At about 11:50 in the morning of September 27th, the Mt. Ontake locating near the prefectural boundaries of Nagano and Gifu suddenly fumed, making ‘colorful thunder c louds’, to the curiosity of many c limbers enjoying the autumn beauties. While many tried to focus their cameras on the unusual views, the active volcano did erupt and covered the area with volcanic ashes, blocking their sights and even hampering their respiration. Soon, countless volcanic cinders of many sizes showered the climbers at the speed of about 300 kilometers per hour, twice the speed of a professional baseball player’s ball throwing.

Among the victims of this nature’s onslaught were four of our church members: two first-generation and one second-generation members belonging to the Toyota Church; one second-generation member belonging to the Chiryu Church, both within the East Aichi Parish. When their remains were identified on October 9th, Rev. Yeon Cheon S ong, chairman of the National Blessed Families Association, paid visits to both churches, comforting the four families and offered prayers together. (his prayer on page 6). Conveying True

Mother’s message given earlier that morning, Rev. Song said to the bereaved family members: “As those who ascended into heaven were precious and noble sacrifices for the W ill of God, let us send them nicely and respectfully!”

Rev. Song also said, “Thanks to their sacrifices, the providence towards VISION 2020 will progress more rapidly!” The Seonghwa ceremony of Shin-ichiro Miyake on October 10th was officiated by the church president Rev. Eiji Tokuno.

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