True Mother at the “Special Gathering of Korean National Messiahs and Elder Pastors for the Accomplishment of Our Mission as Heavenly Tribal Messiahs”

On November 12, at Cheong Jeong Gung, True Mother spoke to Korean elders, at the “Special Gathering of Korean National Messiahs and Elder Pastors for the Accomplishment of Our Mission as Heavenly Tribal Messiahs”


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 True Mother: When we talk about November, we refer to it as the season of harvest and the season of fruition. What about your lives? I do not think those who are sitting here today are in the springtime of their lives. Is it autumn, or is it winter? You were told many times to fulfill your responsibilities as heavenly tribal messiahs. Yet, people tell me that it was difficult because of this and that, and that there are so many situations to consider. If you thought that this was the end, how would you do it? As people who know about the eternal world, if you knew that you could never see another spring again in your lives, what would you do? Especially as people who have pioneered and worked with True Parents while they were on the earth, you have a responsibility. Adam and Eve fell because they were not serious in addressing this issue.

You just saw on the screen a brief cut about the life of a Monarch butterfly, which is only about three to four centimeters in length. The size of its brain is about the same as the tip of a needle. Yet, a new butterfly born as a larva flies to the very place where other butterflies had gone and died. Isn’t this profound and mysterious? Human beings use a compass and what they have learned to find their way. How could this tiny being with a brain the size of a dot—I mean smaller than what you’d get if you prick something with a needle—navigate to safety and multiply? When we observe these things, we know for a fact that compared to Mother Nature we have led truly shameful lives. Yet, you are people whom Father remembered when he was alive. That is why he said that he would place you in the position of Cheon Il Guk owners in the new era. Think about this. A king cannot exist without his subjects. As you carry out your responsibilities as a national messiah or a tribal messiah, you have to raise people, your subjects. You have to do witnessing. Only then can you fulfill your given responsibilities. A person who fails to fulfill his responsibilities is without a future. Do you want to live in that way and exit without leaving behind a name or a legacy? It should not be that way. The reason why I called you here today is because I love you. I love you all. I want you to advance together with me. [Aju! Applause]

If we had already come to this realization and made effort, we would not have sent off True Father at his seonghwa in this kind of environment. We would have been able to send him off on top of a national foundation. Isn’t that so? When you think about this, do you know how blessed you are that I am alive today? That is why you should not put off fulfilling your responsibilities. Dr. Lek and that couple in the Philippines that was successful both started from nothing. They started by themselves. It can be done if you try. Why have you not been able? Do not put this off until your children’s time. Didn’t I tell you that I would bring an end to the depressing six-thousand year providence of restoration through indemnity in my lifetime? My children also have their own portion of responsibility. Why would you not have it too? I gave you a chance. The conclusion is that you should no longer postpone fulfilling your responsibility.

I personally enjoy watching nature documentaries. I have watched many. I heard the other day that there is a certain bird that lives in Alaska called the long bill. When preparing for the winter, the long bill flies non-stop for ten days to Austria. So many things in nature put us to shame. Have we ever strenuously made effort, like this bird, for ten days, without eating or sleeping, for the sake of restoring our neighbors, our tribe or our nation? Even this bird, which cannot speak, exerts itself in this way to multiply its own kind. What can we say for human beings who were created as the lords of creation? We are our Heavenly Parent’s masterpiece in all of creation. Should we be any less than a butterfly or a bird? True Parents have taught you this—they taught you everything—how to live and how to bring closure to your lives. When I say bringing closure, I mean making arrangements in your environment so that you can live eternally with True Parents in the eternal world.

In the early years of the church, when you first encountered God’s word, you were excited and felt as if you could gain the nation and the world at any moment. Over the years many aspects of the environment have formed. The issue now is about you.

In the sixteenth century the Bible was translated into English, and then the Puritans crossed the Atlantic in search of freedom of religion and migrated to America. They risked their lives at that time. Later, many of them would starve to death even while they kept the grain they had brought to sow seeds in the coming year. They were thinking about their future generations.

Let me ask you a question. What is Cheon Il Guk? Shouldn’t you become victors and progenitors? Shouldn’t you be wearing such a nameplate? Yet, can this be done just by talking? If you want to live up to your faith, you have to move your body. Will you do that? [Yes.] Can I trust you? [Yes.] I very much want to believe you with a pure and loving heart. I hope that you do not disappoint me anymore. If you pledge not to do so, please stand up, and clap your hands. [Applause] Since we’re all standing now, let’s sing “Our Hope Is Unity.”

[True Mother led the song, while those in the audience held hands.”]

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True Mother also spoke at the luncheon:


True Mother: Did you have a good time? Was your meal delicious? I’m sure you have thought a lot about True Father. Once we fulfill God’s will, we will have a feast every day. Does that feel real to you? Shouldn’t we usher in a time where we have a feast every day to celebrate when somebody completes their responsibility or when somebody offers a victory to Heaven?

I made an important announcement yesterday. Do you remember that after Father’s seonghwa I said that I would make a museum about True Parents’ life courses? Two years have passed but it is not as if I haven’t been making any preparations. I do wistfully wonder, however, how it might have been if our environment were better or if we were a little bit more influential. Yesterday, I decided that we will not go with the concept of a museum; instead I named the facility that we will build Cheonji Sunhak Won. It is to be the Garden of Eden. Our Heavenly Parent’s wish and the wish of all humankind through the world is one, united world—a peaceful kingdom of heaven on earth and in heaven centered on our Heavenly Parent. For the past six thousand long years, God’s will has gone unfulfilled. There was this thing called “indemnity.” True Parents opened up a new era on the foundation of their victories. Isn’t this something to be grateful for?

For the first time in six thousand years, the blessing and the concept of a blessed family and blessed child emerged in the world. There were billions, countless, souls that have come and gone to this day. You can imagine how envious they would be of us right now. “If I could have lived in that age, I would have done a much better job than you.” We should not be a target of such complaints. Didn’t I tell you that? Blessed families must become like pure water in the fallen world. Have you lived in this way? Don’t you admit that you have lived in a far too complicated way until now? You have to settle all accounts. You have to join the fundamental, the main current. I am talking about the mainstream. You all have the responsibility to bring all seven billion people of the world into the embrace of our Heavenly Parent. They are your younger brothers, your siblings, and your family. You have to save them. Do you understand?

In that sense, the Cheonji Sunhak Won museum should be made as a futuristic, multipurpose, cultural space. It should be a place where whoever enters would want to sign up to become a member by the time they exit. What do you think? You should make effort in a way that twenty-four hours would not be enough for you.

In the 1950s, Father once said that there will come a day when boats will line up endlessly to enter the shores of Busan, and that people will endlessly line up facing wherever True Parents are. Does this feel real to you? You have to make this a reality. You should not do this randomly and without a plan. It is not an easy task to give birth to one life. A mother goes through hardships for ten months. Once a baby is born, does it grow on its own? We have to create an environment where the baby can grow on its own.

Until now, we have lived in the fallen world. We are now in the process of purifying the world. The quicker we do this, the more blessed you will be; through you many beings will gain new life. How can you be hesitant? You have now heard everything that needs to be heard. I have now fed and clothed you with everything that you need. What more do you need? You should fulfill your duty as a child. A person is identified and called a filial child during difficult times. During peaceful times, when the children are serving the parents, they are not called filial children. The same can be said about being called a loyal subject. Bearing in mind that you are in a position where you can attain these qualifications, please do your utmost. I do not know nor do you, whether you have ten, twenty or thirty years left. Let’s do our best. Soon, the preparatory committee will send out an official memo and an explanation. You too have now come to a time when you can have your accomplishments remembered forever for eternity. I hope that you can attain that qualification. Let’s all sing “Saranghae Tangshingeul (I love you)” while thinking about True Father.

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