Church opening ceremony in Khabarovsk, Russia

FFWPU NER: September 26, the 2nd year of Cheon Il guk (October 19, 2014), was one of the most joyful and happy days in the 24- years history of the UC in Russia. For the first time, the church members united as one centering on their leaders, so that through this miraculous providential offering the solemn day of inauguration of the Unification Church building in the Far East region in Khabarovsk, Russia could come. From historical point of view, the Khabarovsk — Vladivostok region was the place of deep tribulations for Korean people.

From 1880 to 1937, the year when there started implementation of Stalin’s forced relocation policy and during 50 years that followed, a lot of Korean people came to live in Khabarovsk and Vladivostok. Khabarovsk is sometimes called the city on water, because of its location at the crossing of two rivers, Amur and Ussuri. The water is a symbol of new abilities, so the recent Khabarovsk church inauguration is definitely not an accident.

Although the number of attendees was not so big, altogether about 30 people, at 10.30 a.m. Khabarovsk church inauguration ceremony started. The ceremony was presided by NER President Jin Hwa Chung, and attended by Mrs. Kang Deokrye (the lady who fulfilled her tribal messiah mission and was visiting Khabarovsk at that time), and Russia National Leader, Olga Savelieva.

After cutting the ribbon, Regional President Jin Hwa Chung, sanctified the two floors of the church building with Holy Salt. Then in his speech, he emphasized that Vladivostok played an important role as a starting stage for unification of the South and North Korea; and the nearby Khabarovsk has a mission to ignite a fire of witnessing to many young people.

He mentioned that recently, True Mother emphasized the importance of witnessing (centering on CARP) to many young people who can become future leaders, so that the resurrection process of Russia could start in Khabarovsk.

After the inauguration ceremony, the church members received Certificates of Appreciation and Money Prizes for their impact in constructing the building. Then Khabarovsk members gave a musical performance. Finally, all participants of the event had dinner together.

We are grateful to all Khabarovsk members who sincerely participated in erecting the temple and made it possible for our Heavenly Father and True Parents to dwell in it. Let us go with new determination towards completing the Mission 2020 proclaimed by True Parents by investing all our efforts in witnessing with desperate heart.