Peace through Loving Families

50 Years Anniversary Celebration of the Unification Movement Germany

 Munich, Germany, 15. November 2014


Unification Movement Germany, Robert Bentele: Then the German Unification Movement celebrated its inspiring 50th anniversary in our training center near Bad Camberg earlier this year at Pentecost, our Munich members felt we should do the same on the local level. We wanted to proudly present the work of God, our True Parents and our movement to the Munich society. 50 years we not only survived in spite of all the adversities, but worked a great deal for loving families, unification of the country and the world and finally for God’s kingdom of peace.

Already in summertime we started to think and plan, and when the date came nearer everybody worked closely together and finally nearly 150 family members, ambassadors for peace, friends and guests followed our invitation to the ‘Hotel zur Post’ in Munich-Pasing.

We also invited our national leader couple Dieter and Ana Schmidt to give the main festive speech and to our grand surprise our special emissary for Europe

Dr. Kwang-Kee Sa also came and addressed the audience. Other guest speakers were the Ambassadors for Peace Prof. Dr. Konrad Löw and the Catholic theologian Gottfried Hutter.

The Munich representative of the Women’s Federation for World Peace, Magda Haugen, gave her testimony how she joined the movement and received the marriage blessing. The audience was guided by our MCs Wolf Osterheld and Elsa Hönig. The Munich church choir and other musicians such as Oivind Haugen, Gianni Scarcella and Michael Waldenmeier inspired the participants with their songs.

Prof. Löw recalled his 30 years of engagement with our movement, first with CAUSA warning the world of the dangers of communism and later with UPF at numerous national and international events. Mr. Hutter congratulated the UPF for its work for peace in the Middles East as he is also involved in this work with his own project. Dr. Kwang-Kee Sa conveyed warmest greetings from our True Mother and expressed his gratitude for the members’ hard work in the past 50 years. And Dr. Dieter Schmidt also gave a short testimony about his joining the movement, about our True Parents as Messiah, about the wonderful re-unification of Germany, where we played an important central role, and about the marriage Blessing.

Finally we showed a wonderful video presenting True Father and his autobiography. The audience of 150 participants was really inspired (on the left a photo of about the half) and many of them accepted the invitation to our nearby church center for a dinner and victory party. We were all moved and happy about this event and thanked our Heavenly Parents full heartedly for the past 50 years. May this have only been just the first step for a glorious future.

On the following Sunday Dr. Sa gave also the Sunday service in our center and especially spoke about the formula course of our life of faith. And finally our NL Dieter Schmidt spoke about the national 40 days condition of heart in Germany.

A weekend of God’s blessing for our Munich community!

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