Paraguayan Vice-President and the Adviser to the President in Farm Leda

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Paraguayan Vice-President Juan Afara and president’s advisor Isao Taoka to Leda on October 27th



FFWPU Paraguay: Mr. Taoka informed us in September that Vice-President wanted to visit Leda but this year the water was flooded in our guest house so we asked to visit us a little bit later. Even in the beginning of October we had still water above the floor so we decided to receive them on the 27th of October as a day trip. (We were not sure that we would be able to restore the guest house to stay overnight.) This became the first case that some authority asked us to visit here instead of inviting them.

We began to prepare the guest house towards the middle of October as the water level came down enough to use the guest house. We mobilized all workers to clean the wall to take out stain of water and called professionals to restore the damaged wall, tiles, doors and windows, and painted them again in the end. Thus the damaged guest house which had become the nest of bats with full of spiders’ web has become a clean fresh house.


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The visit of guests

As the weather was very fine, the plane of the Vice-President’s group arrived at 10 o’clock in the morning. The group consisted of Vice-President Juan Afara, President’s adviser Isao Taoka, 4 aide and secretaries and 3 securities.

We took them to the guest house and they appreciated very much the view of Pantanal from the balcony of 2nd floor of the guest house. We sat down in the first floor and took some time of conversation.

The Vice-President owns a huge land in the south of Paraguay where he is cultivating soybean, rice, wheat etc. So he was very much interested in our projects from the viewpoint of the business in the beginning. We tried to explain him our projects are still the beginning and struggling to find the way to overcome all the obstacles. We try to explain what we are doing here, agricultural project, fish farming project, pig farming project, cattle farming project and project of helping local communities and showed DVD about the history of pioneering this land. At the end of the DVD, we gave Father’s autobiography.

He said that he understood that your aim here is to preserve the nature.

Afterwards we showed around our buildings, conference room, dormitories, dining hall, swimming pool, telling him that Rev. Moon loved Pantanal which is one of the last place where the nature is preserved on the earth as God has created. Therefore he wanted to have a base here so that those who love Pantanal can gather here. We have a facility to have an international conference. He was very much impressed saying that this was very big investment. He said that he understood the heart of love of Rev. Moon towards this region.

Then we took them to the laboratory of incubation of fish, explaining that we succeeded the incubation here with the collaboration of the University of Asuncion and planted fry of Pacu to Paraguay River for 2 years consecutively and our desire is to expand fish farming to all communities of this region.

Then we showed them the workroom of sausage fabrication and Japanese senior volunteer tried to show his trial products. He displayed his products with our pig meat and also his original with Piranha. Mr. President as well as Mr. Taoka were very pleased with Piranha sausage.

Then we took them to the farm of experimentation and showed cultivation of Taro (a kind of potato) under the water. We explained that this is the way that we found to avoid the damage from insects or birds and also this crop is very nutrient for both human beings and animals. We told them that this is the best one we found that adapts in our climate and soil, after many trials of different plantations.

Just now one Japanese student is working here for 6 months as a voluntary and she explained her investigation to improve the quality of soil, showing her data. The President was very much interested in all these trials which we are doing, and he asked the sample of Taro and its plant.

Afterwards we invited them to lunch; we offered the dish with the products which we produce in Leda. Roasted beef, mutton, pork, Pacu, and various vegetables.

During lunch, he expressed that he understood how much we are trying to think to develop this region, especially the neighbor communities. The Vice-President said that the government also has to do their part. He said that the President should come here and see what you are doing. He said that he would promise to take him here. When we said that our goal is to get one million fry, he said “We would prepare 2 ponds in each community. This should be minimum responsibility for the government.”

After lunch, they went for fishing. It seems he likes fishing. He enjoyed fishing for 3 hours and they were very much relaxed on the boat.

After they came back, we asked each of them to plant one tree and they left for Asuncion with a lot of satisfaction.

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The words of Vice-President

“With the affection and admiration, for the great work in order to preserve our nature in this beautiful corner of the homeland.”

I think it is a great result of the visit of this time that The Vice-President understand that we are working for the sake of the region(for neighbor communities) and he felt admiration and respect towards us and ultimately towards True Parents.

That is why he promised to bring the President himself to see what we are doing and also he promised that the government would fulfill their part of responsibility to support us.

Mr. Taoka was very happy because the promoter of the visit of Vice-President was himself and it went very well. He himself was very impressed by our activities so for the future he can help us a lot in many ways as he is the advisor of the President.