“Love God, Love People, Love Nation”- a 4-day seminar in Albania

 al-4d24 day seminar for leaders and key members in Albania which took place on October 23rd – 26th  2014



FFWPU Albania: We are very happy to be able to report you on a very successful 4 – day seminar we hold last week from 23rd – 26th of October 2014 with key members and leaders of Albanian movement centered on Rev. Shin – special envoy to Albania and Kosovo with the title “Love God, Love People, Love Nation!”.

Rev. Shin was talking a lot for such seminar since summer time and we did prepare a lot by asking brothers and sisters to have a different attitude and truly feel that we are living in a different era after Foundation Day.

At the beginning of October we started a national condition to establish a spiritual foundation for the success of several important activities we are going to do during these months and one of them was the seminar for key members and leaders.

Rev. Shin wanted to have at least 40 members and leaders attending this seminar and after a lot of preparations, 63 brothers and sisters joined the seminar. The seminar was mostly focused on understanding deeply Divine Principle and Rev. Shin took a lot of time to explain deeply mostly the First and Second chapters.

We received the newly printed Divine Principle with colors and everybody had its own DP book when reading and studying during the workshop. Many brothers and sisters had deep realizations during the seminar and felt reborn again.

Rev. Shin invested all his heart while trying to convey Heavenly Parent’s and True Parents’ heart to brothers and sisters. The main focus was One on One studying the DP and witnessing to others. One session of the seminar was dedicated to practicing One on One.

Part of the program were also lectures on Blood Lineage, Our attitude toward Heaven and Other People, Vision 2020 and two brainstorming sessions on How to Develop my Vertical Relationship with Heavenly Parent & True Parents and How can we Strengthen the Foundation to Restore the Nation.

It was a much needed seminar and most of brothers and sisters mentioned that such seminars we need to organize more often so that we can keep it up with the providence and overcome the pressure coming from the fallen reality.

The seminar became more precious when on the last day of the seminar, on early Sunday morning at 02.30 AM, all of us listened directly to True Mothers message on worldwide service which was 100% connected to the purpose of our seminar. Together with WS participants, Tirana community members also joined to listen to TM’s message.

On the closing session of the workshop, Rev. Shin emphasized a lot and asked each brother and sister to start One on One witnessing and DP study as soon as they go back to their cities or or centers, set up clear goals centered on Vision 2020 and invest themselves wholeheartedly in order to become a blessing to other people and allow Heavenly Parent to live together with them.

We closed the workshop with a new determination and new mindset centering on Vision 2020 and True Mothers message to become proud children of True Parents and offered it to heaven through unison prayer and four cheers of Eok Menzei!





Miss Elbasan (21): “I have listened new and interesting things in this seminar, but also those things which I knew, got a new value. It is interesting how easily I can accept things, something stronger than me, knows that this is true and I can’t refuse it. I have to do things as they should be done, for my ancestors and descendants. There is no more time for mistakes. God suffered already enough. If situations will be sharp with me, I should be sharper with myself God knows which is best for me and for sure will not abandon me. I just need to love God a lot, to believe and not fear anything and be obedient for the sake of God, True Parents and all people. Often I am scared, but I am strong!”

Mr. Korça (20): “The deeper you go, smaller you feel! We have to understand our position in front of Heaven, discover our values and use it for the benefit of the country. I feel indebted to Heavenly Parent and True Parents. I should not forget who I was, and who I am today. Look the change at yourself and don’t forget the years that God invested to find you. I should be grateful and not just with words that tomorrow or after tomorrow will be blown away. Gratitude is shown with actions. We should stop hurting God’s heart in this precious and productive time for Him. Let’s talk to ourselves, be honest with Him and walk with Heavenly Parent and True Parents. Even though there will be challenges, we should not forget that after those challenges we will gain a new level of heart.”

Miss Elbasan (21): “This workshop hit me, made me understand and feel the burden of responsibility. I understood that responsibility is not only on leaders or others who are having some responsibility, but it’s on me. It’s me who need to work and invest my whole my life, my whole self. Often my heart was touched and cried endlessly for God and True Parents. I will train myself; I will embody and follow all True Parents words. The next I understood, is that when we think that we gave everything, we make a big mistake, because we only received life and our lost spirit. This workshop was an inspiration for me; it was very clear in guiding me what to do….”

Miss Shkodër (22): “….When I think and reflect on my life, I discover that it was not that meaningless as I thought, but a life that prepared me in every detail to make me who I am today. I think I changed a lot since I came to know Divine Principle, Heavenly Parent and True Parents, and will change more and more. My internal voice is talking to me and represents my real me. This is a miracle of the modern days that can’t happen to everyone. This is a clear testimony of the era in which we are living. Endless gratitude to Heavenly Parent and True Parents. We can make it, I can!”

Rev. Shin’s son (24): “The most important that I learned is recreating myself. Recreating my life style and making habits that pursue my vision/goal/purpose (Heavenly Parent’s vision/goal/purpose). The only way we can influence other people is to first make ourselves. I have to become a person who resembles Heavenly Parents and True Parents. I have to resemble their lifestyle and habits. There is a movie quote that I really like: “It’s not who I am underneath, but what I do is what defines me.” Just like how we learn in Divine Principle – our physical body is an expression of our character. We can influence other people by becoming role models, people that they can look up to. Making habits to do hon dok hae, studying Heavenly Parents words, doing witnessing, etc. this is how we create ourselves. By doing this, we are going in the way of fulfilling the Three Great Blessings – fulfilling our purpose of becoming Heavenly Parent’s body. This is my responsibility”.

Miss Durrës (21):  “I really wanted to be part of such a workshop, to be able to connect more with Heavenly Parent and True Parents. Sometime I feel that they are so far away. This workshop helped a lot, because to follow Heavenly Parents and True Parents tradition it’s needed a lot of faith, dedication, humility and spiritual food. And to strengthen such things we need continuously to receive such workshops. I am deeply grateful to God about this. Now that we have to go back, I feel anxious and fear for what is waiting for me. To be the owner of yourself, your city, nation it is a responsibility that looks so big for my spiritual level (low level). The fact that Heavenly Parent trusted me such a responsibly is very beautiful, but also difficult. But what gives me strength is that Heavenly Parent and True Parents continue to work to keep alive my spiritual life with such workshops or other ways.”

Mr. Kosovo (20): “To get such an invitation to take part in a national workshop makes you feel good. Maybe you start to think that you did a lot and gave a lot for God, people and nation. But when you are in such a place, with such people, understanding deeper Divine Principle, tradition and True Parents life, you really understand that you had to give much more. Actually I understood that I received more than what I gave. In this WS I understood my value and the importance as a member of this movement, as a follower of True Parents. I understood that I am responsible for God, people and nation, and even though this is a big responsibility, we are not accidentally here. During the workshop I prayed a lot to God “God, please don’t push me away from these people, from this movement, from You Heavenly Parent, make possible that my life become your life, even though difficult, still we are not here by chance.”