Looking Beyond the Horizon

FFWPU Germany,Bonn, Germany, 26. October 2014:  The Women’s Federation for World Peace and the Bonn chapter of the Universal Peace Federation held a meeting on the topic of near-death experiences and after death experiences on Sunday, October 26, 2014.

The topic of the event and author Jörgen Bruhn (Hamburg) as the speaker of the day attracted a diverse audience of nearly 50 people some of whom came for the first time to one of our meetings.

In the course of his lively presentation Mr. Bruhn vividly portrayed how people from many walks of life shared their near-death experiences with him. He also spoke about how his late twin brother had appeared to him in waking hours for a certain period of time. In addition Jörgen Bruhn dealt intensively with the relevant literature. On this basis, he was able to gather many pieces of a mosaic that conveyed a very good insight into the subject.

Bruhn emphasized: Near-death experiences remove fears; they usually provide comfort and lead to positive changes in the lives of those concerned as they come to understand that practicing love is most important in human life. This kind of love does not stop at existing borders of society, nation, culture or religion. It is a force for establishing harmony and peace among people.

The audience listened very attentively. Many asked questions, shared their personal experiences and joined in the lively discussions which went on for a long time.

Women’s Federation and UPF will continue providing a forum for people of good will in our society.

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