Let us pray for our Little Princess Gloria Qarri, a second generation from Albania


Little Gloria is almost one year old. Her parents received the blessing in 2005 and are currently serving as church leaders in Shkodra, Albania. From birth, Gloria had skin problems on the hands and her belly began to swell. She has received treatment for over six months, without much success. Although she has undergone various medical exams, the clear cause of her illness has not yet been determined.

On November 6, Gloria had a surgery of the digestive tract. The doctors saw that there was some hole in the intestines which leaked milk, causing the belly to blow. They cleaned up the milk but the specific cause of Gloria’s ailment has not yet been identified.

Gloria’s parents have requested the assistance of Cheongpyeong and Hoonmonim is praying for her.

Please assist Gloria with your prayers, that she may overcome her illness and get healthy quickly. Your prayers for Gloria can make a difference and they are needed at this time.

We also pray that the blessings and love of the Heavenly Parent and True Parents can be upon Gloria and her family and she may grow up to be a beautiful daughter.