Knowing your Partner between Hope and Disillusion

FFWPU Europe: UPF-Ticino held a public conference with the well-known psychologist Onorina Gibi from Varese (Italy) in Ticino, Switzerland on October 15, 2014.

We rented a small hall with 40 seats in a central place in Lugano for the event. There were 9 UPF members (2 second gen.) and 16 guests. Several of them were new ones who came for the first time: 2 from the flyer and 3 from newspaper announcements. One lady was searching for another event, but could not find it, so she stayed with us. It turned also out that several people knew each other by chance from somewhere else.

This was the first time we engaged and paid a speaker, experiencing that she was of an excellent professionalism. She talked about the 30% of couple relationships who have one partner with specifically difficult characteristics, giving us useful advice on how she handles those different relationship troubles in counselling. Several people asked for the reports and more material. Especially pleasant for UPF was the question: “Do you often hold such interesting conferences? Please don’t leave me out from further invitations!”

The advertisement was done mainly by e-mail, contacting people from our circle of friends and from the address-list of guests from earlier UPF events. Also, the UPF-info-letter was published on our home- page: An invitation mail was sent to about 45 associations who are active on the social level in the Canton of Ticino. 40 flyers were displayed in show windows, announcement boxes of hospitals and at the University. Radio stations, as well as 4 newspapers published the announcement on paper or online. In that way we could reach out to thousands of people, making known the name and logo of UPF-Ticino.

After the conference, during the snack, we were satisfied about the good response, and we also appreciated the donations in our offering box. All of us got new encouragement for good after-care and further events.

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