Historical Visit of Korean Citizen Leaders from Germany to Korea


FFWPU Europe: Frankfurt am Main, Germany, October 2014

In 2012 Mr. Yoo, Je Hun was elected chairman of the nationwide association of all Koreans in Germany (around 50.000 citizens). Most notably, before achieving this prestigious position in the Korean society by democratic election, Mr. Yoo has been known publicly as a long-time member of the Unification Movement and that his wife is from Japan.

In October 2014, as the chairman from Germany Mr. Yoo had to participate in the annual meeting of Korean communities’ representatives from all nations in Seoul, Korea. This meeting was attended personally by the president of the Republic of Korea Ms. Park, Geun Hye. Mr. Yoo found the chance talk to her individually. He talked with Pres. Park about the unification of Korea, relating it to the re-unification of Germany almost 25 years ago.

From Germany, the Korean community actually had sent more than 20 local leaders to the annual meeting in Korea. Mr. Yoo sincerely wished to introduce the Unification Movement to those public figures while they were in Korea. So he invited them for a visit to Cheong Pyeong. More than 20 VIPs accepted the invitation and joined the trip.

They experienced Cheong Pyeong on a bright sunny autumn day. The first highlight was a lecture presentation on our Unification Movement and – specifically – the estates and activities of Cheong Pyeong. Next, the guests had a look themselves. Finally, they received a guided tour of Cheon Jeong Gung Palace.

While walking around inside and outside of the palace, the VIPs learned about the deep significance of the architecture and arrangements relating to lofty values such as “Heaven” or the relationships between heaven, earth and mankind. They were quite impressed by this beautiful environment. For most of them, it was the first substantial encounter with the Unification Movement.

A group photo was made to keep the memory – and each visitor received a gift of precious ginseng and cups as a special souvenir.