Help UPF Lebanon!


UPF Lebanon: We are still trying raise funds to provide Electricity for the refugee families.We have now almost everyday rain. Imagine all those families with small kids are without light.?? This tents are dark and cold, and even the rain is coming through.They had no choice but to leave their homes in Syria, because of great danger due the war.Your donation would truly help to alleviate the miserable situation of those families.

UPF Representatives in Lebanon are trying to help displaced families in a local refugee camp. The camp currently has no electrify and the camp manager has asked for a generator and battery equipment that would at least give some light.

WFWP and UPF resources on the ground are very limited, we can however guarantee that these funds will go directly to the works on the ground, who are trying to help families made destitute by the Syrian conflict. This is a small campaign to help one camp, with a limited quick goal, i figured to start small is better than doing nothing at all. These Families are straggling to maintain their dignity in difficult circumstances, please give them a helping hand. Click Here to help

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