Educational Course in Preparation for Matching and Blessing


Personal internal and external growth and parent-child relationship


FFWPU Italy (by Chiara Amigoni) Bergamo, Italy, 5. October 2014: 4 young people were present between the ages of 16 and 25 from Bergamo and Milano. After a brief introduction of the project and the afternoon’s program, Stefano Bianchini gave a brief but interesting lesson. He explained various points about which we should all reflect in our lives especially in preparation for the matching and blessing. He focused his attention on all aspects of spiritual growth in order to face life later as a couple. “95% of our happiness in life depends on the relationship with our partner. If we learn to grow we can help our family and our friends to do the same.” God is always present in this process and helps us to face difficulties and overcome them.

Another important point dealt with in this lesson was Parent-Child relationship.” The parent –child relationship is the center of the universe and like all the most important things it needs great investment.”

This is one of the fundamental relationships in the life of each individual, and can be one of the most difficult to practice. Our parents often seem to go against our desires, this makes us unhappy and creates in us a feeling of resentment towards them. Through his own personal experience he tried to make us understand that this negative feeling can block our relationship with our parents from growing and makes it become worse. We should find the courage to face the difficulties with our parents and find a solution. His advice to us was to pray as this can gave us an answer to our problems and questions.

A short break was followed by a testimony given by Timothy e Chiara Russo of their matching and blessing… With a presentation of photos they shared their story about when they met until now. They shared some ideas that are very important in the life of a couple in building a happy relationship, three of these are- Dialogue, Respect and Trust adding that True Love and Give and Take should be the base of a couple’s relationship.

After there was a division into 4 groups of about 5/6 people for discussion and each group had the possibility to express their own ideas, experiences about the lesson and their own personal growth. In Stefano’s lesson 4 questions were given as a base so each person could give their own answers and listen to those of the members of their own group in order to hear other ideas and experiences.

To conclude each group leader shared with everyone what was discussed.

The 4 questions were:

  1. What type of activities and help me grow more and why?
  2. What are my best qualities and the weak points I need to improve?
  3. In what way is my family growing and what can I do to help?
  4. How can I help my friends to grow?

Answers given In general were:

  1. I grow:
  2. When I face difficulties have to do my best to overcome.
  3. When I have goals even though it’s difficult to fulfill them.
  4. When I have a close relationship with my parents.
  5. When I act responsibly.
  6. Practicing sport, working, studying. f.   When I learn from others.
  7. In what way is my family growing and how can I help?
  8. Holding meetings with my family.
  9. Thanks to my matching my relationship with my family improved. Now I feel closer to them.
  10. Through dialogue, listening and learning.
  11. Trusting.
  12. Being responsible.
  13. Taking time to reflect about difficult situations, dialogue.
  14. Sharing time together.
  15. How can I help my friends to grow?
  16. living the right situations.
  17. Create an atmosphere of trust and unity.
  18. The day concluded with each participant writing their reflections on the day’s experience, expressing especially what had touched them the most or had helped them to have a better understanding about the topics discussed.

Some reflections are listed below:

  • “It was a very interesting day full of activities. It was useful to have a clearer understanding about many difficulties we can face in our lives and particularly in the matching and blessing process. I was also able to reflect more on my parent-child relationship.”
  • “I was touched to listen to what the others think and feel. It made me reflect more.”
  • “The lesson was very deep with good examples and the testimony was very honest and beautiful.”
  • “There are no difficulties that God puts before us that we cannot overcome.”
  • “I was very touched by the desire of the older brothers and sisters to help those who are younger, giving them clearer ideas about things like matching and blessing.”
  • “Stefano’s lesson was very clear and inspiring and the testimony was beautiful. “
  • “The lesson helped me to understand how to behave in particular situations, it made me remember important things that I was forgetting especially about parent-child relationships.”
  • “Good job! Finally a workshop about matching and blessing for second gen by second gen. The lesson explained all the important points for being sincere and honest with oneself.”
  • “The discussion was useful and interesting. I was touched by the number of participants and the enthusiasm that kept everyone very attentive.”
  • “Falling in love sadly does not last eternally, but the most positive thing is that after it becomes true love.”

The next course will be on the 19th October in Bergamo.

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